“Something is Baking Again”: A thematic week from the depths of Asia begins (pics + vid)


A thematic week begins “Something is Baking Again” and five hosts are invited to coexist and prepare dishes from the depths of Asia.

On Monday 29/11 her house opens the Katerina. The student does her best, since Asian cuisine is one of her favorites. The evening begins, the guests are in a good mood, but Nikos reveals something that particularly saddens the hostess.

The Tuesday 30/11 Eleni enters her kitchen. She is low-key but a dynamic personality determined to be the winner of the week. Her guests are impressed and moved, as the gift she has in store has great emotional value for her.

As quiet as the previous night was, so intense is the day at home of Nick on Wednesday. As a true artist he can not put things in order in his kitchen and his dishes are reminiscent of τέ abstract art, something that guests realize especially when Nick serves them dessert.

Nikos takes the reins on Thursday 2/12. He reveals to Konstantina that he has done culinary studies, something that can be seen in all the preparations of his dishes. The night does not turn out as Nikos expected since his dishes do not impress his guests, with Nick strongly expressing his dissatisfaction.

Last day of the cooking week and Stefi tries to concentrate to present an even result. She does not like to be talked to in the kitchen and with Konstantina present ίζεται she is out of tune. Her dishes are of particular interest in appearance, but not in taste, which disappoints the rest of the company.

Who will be the big winner in the “Asian” week of Something Bake Again? Who will leave with 2,500 euros?

“SOMETHING IS BAKED AGAIN” with Konstantina Spyropoulou- Daily at 17:05 on SKAI

Watch Monday’s trailer:

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