Tragedy in Samos: Mourning for the two dead from the helicopter crash


One of the two survivors remembers that everyone got out of the helicopter on impact, but then he lost them.

Two dead and two injured are the toll of the fall of the firefighting helicopter that was trying to extinguish the fire in Samos, yesterday afternoon.

The helicopter crashed in the Plaka marine area southwest of the island.

Dead are the Greek liaison officer and the co-pilot of the helicopter, while alive and well are the Moldovan helicopter engineer and the operator, also Moldovan, who was the last to be rescued by swimming to the shore.

The first Moldovan to be rescued described the moment the helicopter fell into the sea and the causes that caused the tragedy.

According to what he told people who spoke to him at the hospital, the helicopter turned overwhen he went down to get water and a gust of wind hit him.

He remembers that with the impact everyone got out of the helicopterbut then lost them.

According to information, of the two dead, one probably drowned, while the other has a blow to the head.

The survivor’s wife is on the island and is with him in the hospital. According to the information, the Moldovan engineer is in very good condition, while the second Moldovan was also taken to the hospital.

The moment when the Moldovan is rescued and given first aid

The Moldovan engineer was the first to be found and rescued by the men of the Coast Guard, after the helicopter fell into the sea.

(photo source

The Moldovan showed strong symptoms of hypothermia and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, so that he could be given medical assistance and recover his body, as well as undergo the required tests.

According to information the helicopter had taken off from Samos at 16:39 and the accident occurred at 17:55 in the sea area of ​​Agios Minas in the Plaka location.

Beaufort 6 winds prevailed in the firefighting area.

The crew of the E/P was one Romanian, two Moldovans and one Greek translator.

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