Discover Emporio Fasano, a 1,000-square-meter luxury grocery store opened in SP


Opens its doors this Thursday, the 14th, another luxury development by Grupo Fasano, the traditional name of hotels and gastronomy. With 27 restaurants and nine hotels spread across Brazil and other countries, the brand is now betting on a store in São Paulo: the Emporio Fasano.

Located at 2,245, Rua Bela Cintra, in the Jardins region, the building has 1,000 square meters and three floors, with gondolas that account for more than 4,500 items – according to the company, all subject to the approval of businessman Gero Fasano.

“The project comes from the time of João Paulo Diniz”, says Gero, ex-Rogério, who decided to change his name after a liver transplant. Diniz, whose family owned the Pão de Açúcar supermarket chain, was Gero’s partner and together they built the Hotel Fasano São Paulo in 2003.

“We were going to transform the Gabriel Monteiro da Silva store into an emporium”, he continues. The plan did not come to fruition, but it has not left the brand owner’s mind in these almost 20 years.

Conceived in partnership with JHSF, linked to luxury developments, and with an investment of R$ 15 million, the sumptuous grocery store has a central kitchen in the Cambuci district, where sauces, pasta, salads, pies, sweets and other recipes are prepared. stock the shelves.

“The idea is to offer the same product that customers can find in our restaurants,” says Luca Gozzani, the group’s executive chef. “Not to mention that, with the emporium, we have more opportunities to import products from Italy —such as a ham that has matured for 36 months”, he explains.

In all, there are almost 500 products, including 60 wine labels, 20 types of cold cuts and special cheeses, plus 60 grocery products. In Brazil, a curatorship was carried out with small producers, from which 300 products were selected that had a special label for the brand. This is the case of the honeys from Casa Roncador, from Mato Grosso, and from the guava paste from Doces Vivinha, from Minas Gerais.

“We also incorporated items from the Selezione line, with decoration and fashion items, as well as items from Italian gastronomy”, says Vanessa Sandrini, director of operations.

The report visited the address on Tuesday, the 12th, but no price was yet exposed. The company did not confirm any figures until opening.

With architecture signed by Estúdio Obra Prima, the ground floor concentrates refrigerators and shelves for fruits and vegetables, which can be traced by the buyer, with data on origin, harvest and other information.

In the rotisserie, showcases are stocked with fresh pasta, sauces, antipasti, salads, meat and fish, which can be taken pre-finished or ready for consumption. On the other side of the hall is the bakery, with hourly batches, plus options for pies and sweets.

Going up to the first floor in one of the three available elevators, the customer can see the cellar with more than 6,000 bottles of wines – there are about 720 different labels, from 31 importers. They are chosen by sommelier Manoel Beato and the group’s food and beverage curator, Dânio Braga.

If the customer is undecided, it is possible to taste the drink for free before taking it home. Another option is to buy a serving by the glass to harmonize and snack with the sausages. Right next door is a small burrata factory, which are freshly prepared with buffalo milk extracted up to 48 hours beforehand.

The terrace is divided into a space that displays products curated by Ana Joma Fasano, as well as Caffè and Panetteria, a place to taste yet another novelty: a proprietary blend of coffee, freshly roasted and ground, which has a flavor and intensity similar to ristretos. Italians.

To accompany, the menu offers snacks and sweets, such as cheese bread and brigadeiro, which can be consumed at one of the tables or sofas in the outdoor area.

“This store will still evolve a lot. It’s a ‘know-how’ that we will, humbly, start to get now. In six months you will see, it will be much rounder”, projects Gero.

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