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Sex in the water. After all, how safe is it?


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Is water sex just a fantasy after all?

Sex in the sea, in the pool, in a lake and in general, where the liquid element predominates is a stimulating fantasy. A little bit of the Blue Lake, a little bit of Cocktail with Tom Cruise, it’s enough to intrigue you and make you want to try some water sex too.

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Do not do it. Let’s bring you back to reality and remind you that these are movies, everything is fake, and definitely, the protagonists didn’t have sex in the water.

And there are reasons for that.


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Bacteria are everywhere. Thousands of bacteria surround you every day and therefore, the least you would want is for them to get inside you.

By having sex in water, you let the bacteria enter you, through your vagina. Especially, if you are in a swimming pool or in a hot tub-jacuzzi and they are not properly chlorinated, then the bacteria will have a party inside you.

However, even if the pool water is properly chlorinated, it still contains chemicals that destroy your own Ph and the micro-flora of the sensitive area. Thus, you are again vulnerable to dangerous microorganisms.

The menu will include everything from urinary tract infections, sinus infections to fungus. And neither one is pleasant, nor the other.

Sexually transmitted diseases

By the same token, you can easily get HIV, warts, hepatitis and more. Viruses survive even in chlorine. And these are all viruses and not just germs.


And as much as you rejoice and think how perfect the penetration into the water will be, it will not be. Quite the opposite.

The water actually washes away the vaginal fluids and dries out the vagina, making sex unpleasant for you. Also, there is a risk of irritation of the area.


Another failure, which can happen during sex in water, is that of the condom. Water reduces the effectiveness of the condom, as – apart from the fact that it can easily come off – the friction in the water creates a tear and effectively invalidates the condom.

Your conclusions.

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