Plane crash in Paleochori Kavala


According to the first information, the Antonof aircraft had started from Serbia with a destination for Jordan – The number of its passengers is unknown – It crashed in an uninhabited area

A search and rescue operation is underway in the area between Antiphilippus and Paleochori Kavala, as an Antonof-type aircraft that had started from Serbia and was bound for Jordan went down. The pilot, according to the first information, had requested permission for an emergency landing at the airport of Kavala, but he did not have time to get there as a fire broke out in one of the engines in flight and the aircraft went down.

According to the report it had lost an engine and the aircraft was lost to radar ten miles west of Kavala.

Rescue crews are rushing to the scene of the crash, while a super puma helicopter from Limnos is also flying to the area. According to the information so far, the aircraft with an unknown number of passengers has crashed in a field, while it is cargo-commercial, which means that only the crew was on board. Newer information indicates that 2 to 3 people were on board. Witnesses said the plane’s engine caught fire in mid-air. Fifteen firefighters with seven vehicles are working at the scene of the fall and EMAK forces are on their way. The electricity supply in the surrounding area has been interrupted.

According to what it transmits after the plane went down, there were repeated explosions. An official update on the downing of the aircraft is awaited.

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