Fires in Keratea and Penteli


See images from the serious fire that extends on two fronts in Penteli. Thick clouds of smoke have covered the area. Testimonies from residents of the area on speak of a very serious situation.

Myriam Kiassou

A serious fire has recently broken out in Penteli.

The fire is raging in the Vayati area and has two fronts, it started north of Anthousa and moved towards the Penteli massif.

It rages on a high point, in a wooded area, holly and pine above, north of Draphy.

Exclusive videos of capture the dimensions of the fire.

Strong firefighting forces rushed to the front which were progressively strengthened and now operate 78 firefighters with 5 groups of infantry divisions including 28 Romanian firefighters, 22 vehicles, 11 A/F and 5 E/P, of which 1 E/P of the E.S. . and 1 more E/P for aerial coordination.

Already operating 7 Tractores, 2 Erickson, 1 Bell214, 1 BK117. 3 Tractores and 1 Chinook have just been ordered and are in the air. Membership provides a large force of volunteer firefighters and local water bodies.

Concerned residents of the area as well as citizens who were in the area at the time of the Fire, posted on Facebook, also pointing out the seriousness of the fire, posting related photographic material and videos where thick clouds of smoke are shown to have covered the area.

Testimonies from residents of the area on also speak of a very serious situation.

By order of the Chief of Police, all the fire services of Attica have been put on general alert.

Local investigative offices, as well as Divisions of the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes (D.A.E.E.) are investigating the causes of the fires.





At the same time, a fire has also broken out in Keratea.

On the Keratea front, the fire is raging in a plot of land near a stadium.

5 vehicles and 10 firefighters are on the scene.

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