Fire on Lesvos: Battle with the flames in Vatera, Vrisa and Stavros


“The winds have dropped at this time, the fire is burning in the forest after it moved away from Vatera, Aegean regional governor Konstantinos Moutzouris told SKAI 100.3.

The big fire is raging on various fronts in the area between Vatera, Vrisa and Stavros in Lesvosnot currently threatening any settlement according to the latest update from the fire department

“The winds have dropped at this time, the fire is burning in the forest after it moved away from Vatera, the governor of the Aegean region told SKAI 100.3 Konstantinos Mouzouris.

Mr. Moutzouris emphasized that the fire burned 5 houses and one business. He said the evacuation mechanism worked promptly and effectively, with no scenes of panic observed.

The Forestry Department, the Army and the Municipality have collaborated to create a Fire Zone for additional protection of the Vrisa settlement.

The authorities removed more than 450 citizens from the wider area of ​​Vatera, for which an evacuation order had been given. The fire passed from the southeast side of the settlement and burned two houses, two warehouses, while another house has been damaged.

At the same time, a total of nine people were rescued from the coast by Coast Guard vessels. One firefighter was slightly injured during the firefight.

They operate in the area 81 firefighters with 5 teams of infantry departments, 19 vehicles, 7 aircraft and 1 helicopter, according to the Fire Department. It is noted that earlier an order was given to evacuate Vatera, via a message from 112.

In the wider area of ​​Vatera in Lesvos, on the road network of the Agiasos – Polichnitos – Vatera areas, the necessary Traffic regulations by competent police services of the Lesvos Police Department.

In the meantime, houses burned down in Vatera, while a firefighter was also slightly injured, as the North Aegean regional governor told SKAI Kostas Moutzouris.

Also, at least 9 people, including 4 French tourists, have been collected from Vatera beach. A French tourist who fainted in Vatera was taken by the port police to Plomari.

The General Secretariat of Civil Protection ( of the Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection has informed the competent government agencies involved, as well as the Regions and Municipalities of the above areas, so that they are on increased civil protection readiness in order to face any fire incidents immediately.

At the same time, the General Secretariat of Civil Protection recommends that citizens be especially careful and avoid actions in the open air that can cause a fire by negligence, such as burning dry grass and branches or cleaning residues, the use of machines that cause sparks such as circular saws, welding devices , the use of outdoor grills, smoking bees, throwing lit cigarettes, etc. Also, it is recalled that during the fire protection season burning of fields is prohibited.

In the event of a fire, citizens are requested to immediately notify the Fire Service at the number 199.

For more information and self-protection instructions from the dangers of forest fires, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection at

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