Testimony to SKAI-Shocking doctor who was intubated: “I was dead and I came back”

Testimony to SKAI-Shocking doctor who was intubated: “I was dead and I came back”

Shocking is the story of a 49-year-old doctor who literally came and went. Mr. Christos fought for a month with the coroner in the intensive care unit, with the battle continuing for 2.5 months in a rehabilitation center. All this before the vaccines are available. Now, fully vaccinated, he returned to the hospital of Volos as a volunteer to help his colleagues.

At the same time, the testimony of a nurse in Gennimatas is shocking for everything that the staff in the hospitals face every day.

“In the face of the 5 months I spent, of the suffering, of the inability to risk death that I experienced, I was really resurrected, I was dead and I came back,” says Pulmonologist Konstantinos Christou.

49 years old – without any underlying disease – Konstantinos Christou fought with the coronary for 1 month in the intensive care unit ..

“For 2.5 months I went to a rehabilitation center because I had a severe myopathy, a severe anemia I had to be able to get my body functions back in my hands, to be able to be independent, I could not even shave, I could not do nor the daily needs “, he says.

Then there was no vaccine weapon .. today, three times vaccinated, he returned to the hospital of Volos voluntarily to help his colleagues. “I went to offer my services and found myself outside the room where I was about to die,” says Mr. Christou.

Doctors and nurses are fighting 24 hours a day under adverse conditions to save thousands of patients … one of them and Sofia Manti… who is stuck with a post … about what she faces every day.

“Brain egoism exceeds all expectations.
Vaccinated? Of course not.
39 years old with oxygen.
Here Gennimatas. I just took off my uniform.
I’m dripping, I’m thirsty, I’m scared mom. . »

And it sends a strong message to the unvaccinated

“These people who came here did not believe that it would happen to them and this is the most difficult, the most ironic that” come on baby you are not bored, do not do it to me slowly “and when it happens then what do they do? They are praying for them to come out standing and alive and a specific one told me yesterday “let me get out of here alive and I will do whatever is necessary”, she told Mega.

All this while everything shows that the decongestion of the health system will be delayed.

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