Northern Aegean Regional Governor for Vrisa: The fire is reaching camp-houses


“The fire is big, it is approaching a large camp that is there,” Mr. Moutzouris said in particular and added that at this time two cannons are working while two others are rushing to the scene.

Regarding the resurgence of fires near the area of ​​Vatera, North Aegean Regional Governor Kostas Mouzouris spoke to SKAI, talking about the fire raging in Vrisa, Lesvos.

“The fire is big, it’s approaching a big camp there. It is next to a Super Market” he said specifically and added that at this time two canards are operating while two others are rushing to the scene.

“We hope to get it under control,” he said.

As he explained more specifically, the fire is burning a few hundred meters from the camp and familiar.

He added that the camp has not been evacuated but in any case the mobilization is great because the fire has an area of ​​kilometers.

In the area, he further said, there are blowing winds and there is difficulty in approaching the fiery front by the operating forces.

“We are opening security zones” he said, estimating that any problems in the operational part will be resolved soon.

According to Mr. Mouzouris, the fire is burning a forest with olive trees.

“I hope we will succeed,” he emphasized again.

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