Rape of a 14-year-old by a police officer in Lesvos: He beat her and tied her up, the parents complain


Chilling facts from the case file – “He asked her for a video call and when she refused, he beat her and tied her hands behind her back”, “lately, the child did not want to go to practice”

The details of the rape of the 14-year-old girl in Lesbos by a police officer-coach are shocking. The child’s parents have spoken of how they discovered the horrific crime with their daughter.

“I saw the messages on her cell phone, lately the child didn’t want to go to training,” the girl’s mother told the main news bulletin of ANT1, with the father adding in a state of shock: “Watch out kids. We trusted him also because of his profession and he did it for us…”.

Shocking, however, is the revelation of the parents about the ferocity used by the alleged perpetrator: “he beat her, he had asked her for a video call and when she refused and when she went to practice he beat her and tied her hands behind her back”.

According to the same information, a police psychologist was at the child’s house for hours, with the 14-year-old being taciturn and in a very bad psychological state.

Shocking facts in the case file

Chilling details are included in the case file of the police officer – volleyball coach, who was arrested.

According to the file, the man had approached the minor since January 2022, when he proceeded to have sexual acts with the student, while a few months later, using a profile in an online application, he systematically tried to lure the minor into pornographic performances.

On July 27, the student’s parents together with their daughter filed a complaint against the police officer at the Mytilene Police Department.

As described in the case file, according to the complaint of the parents and the minor, the man, upon returning from volleyball practices, in which the minor participated, systematically drove her to deserted locations and beat her up, while the last time before the complaint he asked her to perform oral sex.

Also, as stated in the case file about twenty days ago, the coach took the girl to an isolated location, pulled down her shorts and underwear and raped her, despite the fact that the girl persistently asked him to stop, while the minor allegedly did not have previous sexual experience.

At the same time, the police officer allegedly constantly pressured her to send him videos and photos with sexual content on an online application.

For her part, the mother of the minor in her testimony said, among other things, that from April 2022, the police officer was willing and undertook to return her minor daughter to her home, a tactic he also followed towards other minors.

The mother requested a forensic examination of her daughter, while according to the case file, a second minor was also examined in Mytilini by an expert psychologist.

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