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Floros: Greece is a reliable ally – Meeting with a congressional delegation


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The delegation was welcomed by the head of the GEETHA General Konstantinos Floros.

A delegation of the US House of Representatives led by the Member of the House Jason Crowe made, today, Thursday, an official visit to GEETHA.

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The delegation was welcomed by the GEETHA general Konstantinos Floros.

In his short greeting, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church emphasized the importance of the continuous and dynamic development of the strategic relationship between Greece and the USA.

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He also referred to the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in terms of the defense and security of the Euro-Atlantic area and the active participation of Greece in NATO’s actions to strengthen the Eastern wing of the Alliance.

He also pointed out the role of the Armed Forces in the context of military collaborations and partnerships that have been developed in a bilateral and multilateral framework with countries in North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, contributing to the promotion and consolidation of the role of Greece as a reliable allypartner and pillar of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean region and beyond.

He also highlighted the cross-branch joint operational training activities implemented within the framework of the recently updated Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement as well as the upgrading of the facilities in Souda and Alexandroupolis and their role in providing important facilities to US and Alliance forces.

He did not fail to mention the bilateral interdisciplinary joint training of Greece and the USA “Poseidon’s Rage 22”, during which the F-15E Fighting Eagle fighter jets were hosted in Souda and for the first time the fighter jets F-35 Lightning IIwhich our country will soon acquire as well.

Finally, the GEETHA chief focused on the close cooperation of the Special Operations forces of the two countries, but also on the cooperation in the context of the exchange of information, analysis and cyber defense.

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