Father’s Day: Discover 5 restaurants with dishes from up to R$50 to celebrate the date in SP

Father’s Day: Discover 5 restaurants with dishes from up to R to celebrate the date in SP

With the rise in prices in São Paulo, especially for those who earn less than eight minimum wages, this Father’s Day is another one to be celebrated with belts tightened. Celebrated on Sunday, the 14th, however, the date still offers options in the capital of São Paulo for those who want to spend a little less.

From breakfast to dinner with barbecue, menus with dishes from up to R$50 are alternatives for a weekend with more controlled accounts. At Red Coffee, for example, the full breakfast costs that amount. At Exquisito, the moqueca costs R$49 per person.

There are also snacks at Tantim and pizzas at La Braciera, as well as barbecue at Picanharia dos Amigos.

Find out more below and get ready for Father’s Day.


The bar, reopened in a new address after the Covid pandemic, has Latin cuisine and offers on Father’s Day a shrimp moqueca accompanied by rice, grilled plantain and palm oil farofa. The option serves two people and comes with two mojitos and tapioca churros to share. The price of the dish starts at R$ 49 per person.
R. Artur de Azevedo, 2079, Pinheiros, west region, tel. (11) 2323-5432, Instagram @barexquisito.

There Braciera

The pizzeria specializing in Neapolitan recipes has four options for those who want to spend their Sunday with a little more savings. There is the one with hearts of palm (R$49), pepperoni (R$48), Portuguese (R$47) and porchetta (R$50). On the date, the father wins a beer from the house.
R. Conselheiro Brotero, 1120, Santa Cecilia, central region, tel. (11) 2283-0039. Other addresses on Instagram @labracierapizza

Picanharia dos Amigos

For carnivores, the restaurant offers various cuts and preparations. The pork rind, for example, costs R$ 34.90, while the picanha croquette costs R$ 39.90. The menu also includes skewers, such as chicken breast (R$10.90), chicken heart (R$10.90) and kafta (R$12.90), in addition to garlic bread (R$9). .90) and coalho cheese (R$ 9.90).
piece Visconde de Sousa Fontes, 56, Mooca, east region, tel. (11) 5990-1523, Instagram @picanhariadosamigos. Other addresses at picanhariadosamigos.com

Red coffee

If the idea for Father’s Day is to have breakfast with the family, the address offers options for the date. For R$50, you can choose between the Tamago, which comes with scrambled eggs, roasted tomato, naturally fermented bread and which can be accompanied by German sausage, bacon or Parma ham; the Salt Waffle, with waffle, scrambled eggs, bacon, butter and house jam; or Purgatory, which has naturally fermented bread, hot sauce, poached egg, Parmesan cheese and crispy bacon. The house brewed coffee is complimentary.
R. Ministro Roberto Cardoso Alves, 416, Santo Amaro, south region, tel. (11) 2372-4003, Instagram @redcoffeebrasil


Recently opened on the gastronomic Rua dos Pinheiros, Tantin occupies a wide corner, ideal for those who want to drink cold beer. Chef Marco Aurélio Sena’s house has a menu that mixes Brazilian recipes and bar snacks. This is the case with the trio of canned potato balls, mini-onions and colored quail eggs. There are also the kids: chicken hearts, gizzards and oxtail. The pastries and dumplings have options ranging from R$24 to R$26, while the dishes include recipes such as Maria Isabel Rice and Pantaneiro Macarrão (R$50).
R. dos Pinheiros, 987, west region, tel. (11) 96333-5414, Instagram @tantinbar

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