Vassoura Quebrada, a restaurant inspired by ‘Harry Potter’, gets a new unit in SP


Since opening its doors in 2018, the Vassoura Quebrada hamburger restaurant has been a hit with pop culture fans — especially people who enjoy the magical universe of the wizard Harry Potter.

The cafeteria in Perdizes, in the west of São Paulo, has more than 334,000 followers on Instagram and disputed reservations, despite having increased the hall’s capacity from 45 to 105 seats. The wait for those who have not booked can be up to three hours.

But soon the house gets another address, bigger and even with a kind of theme park. Called Mundo Bruxo do Vassoura Quebrada, the new unit will have a space of around 1,000 m² in the Parque da Cidade mall, in the south of the capital. It is expected to open its doors in early September.

In addition to the restaurant and the themed space, the place will also have a shop, café and ballroom. The menu remains the same, but with the launch of a special box, with a 100 g hamburger, fries and a gift for the children, called Apprentice of Magic.

While the first house came up with the proposal to emulate a wizard’s bar, the second comes with the magic castle theme. In addition to the restaurant —called Cidadela—, there is the park, with a carousel, the Gruta do Dragão children’s toy, with obstacles for the little ones, and other games. Toy prizes can be exchanged for selected store products.

Named Espresso da Cidadela, the coffee shop at Vassoura Quebrada will be set up like the front of a train, with varieties of coffee, snacks and the Espumosa Beer, which is already a hit in the house. The drink, which is actually a creamy milkshake made with vanilla ice cream and brown sugar, costs R$30 and will only be served in the non-alcoholic version at the café, for R$30. At the restaurant, you can taste the recipe. with cognac, for another R$2.

Finally, the space will also have two ballrooms, where it will be possible to close special packages for get-togethers, with different menu options and tickets for toys.

The house appeared on social media in 2018, directly referring to the universe of Harry Potter, with the name Beedle, the Bar, a character mentioned in the saga. After Warner sued the owners behind the scenes over copyrights for the wizarding saga, the establishment’s name was changed. Now, on social media, the address says that the space is inspired by fantastic literature as a whole, not specifically the Harry Potter books and films.

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