Copo Cheio: Brewery offers accommodation in an equipped mountain tent


Based in the middle of the prestigious Circuito Chico, in Bariloche (Argentina), Cerveza Patagonia has always made a point of highlighting its connection with nature. This connection now arrives in Brazil in the form of a promotion, an experience in a mountainous region in Serra do Mar, more precisely in the city of Cunha (SP).

The brewery, which belongs to the Ambev portfolio, created the space called Hotel 5 Billion Stars, an area on top of a mountain, with equipped tents and a beautiful view of a starry sky.

The idea is that the brewer friend spends a night (with company) in an area close to nature, where he can roast his own grill on the ground fire, take a walk through the mountains, drink his favorite beer of the brand (amber lager, weiss, bohemian pilsner and IPA) and even stargazing with tips from an astronomer.

“We are inviting people to get out of the routine and, in a way, making a provocation to leave aside the ‘luxuries’ of a traditional hotel to connect with what really matters”, says Thiago Leitão, Patagonia’s marketing manager at Brazil. “We found, in research done in partnership with Pinterest, that the search for natural landscapes and outdoor experiences grew a lot in 2022, and we brought that to our hotel”, he adds.

The 5 Billion Stars Hotel is located between the Bocaina, Mantiqueira and Mar mountains, about 4 hours from São Paulo. To be awarded a stay at the hotel/camping, available on the first weekend of September (the 3rd and 4th), you must post a creative photo of your own 5 Billion Star Hotel, something that sums up your experience with nature. It is also necessary to include the hashtag #HotelPatagonia in the post and tag the brewery’s profile on social networks: on Twitter or on Instagram.

Only people who reside in Brazil and are over 25 years old will be accepted – and, of course, are available on the 3rd and 4th of September for the trip. The deadline to participate ends at 11:59 pm on August 30th. And the result will be announced later, on September 1, on Patagonia’s social networks.

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