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EETAA’s NSPA Kindergartens: Voucher registration begins – Read in detail how to do the process


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To register the beneficiary child, it is necessary to print the voucher

Registrations at NSPA daycare centers begin today after yesterday’s announcement by EETAA of the voucher recipients.

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For the registration of the beneficiary child, the voucher must be printed and the parent must go to any corresponding Structure in services of his choice, near his place of residence.

It should be noted that the process of registration, signing of the Contract and Authorization always takes place by the 1st working day of each month, with the exception of the month of September, where this process must be completed by 14.9.2022 at the latest.

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In case of registration from 15.9.2022 onwards, activation takes place from the first working day of the following month.

For the categories of Structures A1, A2, B1, B2, B3 and D, the right to activate the voucher is valid until May 2, 2023, while for the category of Structure C, the right to activate the voucher is valid until December 1, 2022.

Vouchers of all Structure categories, will be able to change Structure or Region until May 2, 2023.

The voucher is strictly personal, it is not transferable, it is not sold, it is not redeemable and in the event of a violation of the aforementioned, it is cancelled, and its owner ceases to be a beneficiary of the program.

The legal representatives of the beneficiary children are obliged to:

  • To certify the daily presence of the beneficiary upon entering and exiting the structure, using the Attendance Card (KA.PA.) by scanning it in a special application that EETAA will have in the Structure. In any case, they should ensure that the benefiting child brings the KA.PA with him every day. of him, from the first day of his presence, in order to scan it in the special application upon his arrival and departure.
  • To present to the Structure, in case of absence of the beneficiary child, a certificate from a doctor or hospital, when these days exceed ten (10), at the latest by the 5th working day of the following month, from the one they concern.
  • To register their personal mobile phone or e-mail in a special application of EETAA, in order to receive information to confirm at the end of each month the unconfirmed attendances of the beneficiary, if any.
  • To ensure the timely confirmation of the attendance of the beneficiary child, which have been registered by the certified user of the structure, and have not been scanned with the KA.PA., in accordance with the instructions provided in the relevant Manual which is an appendix hereto.
  • To reissue the Attendance Card, if they consider that the terms of exclusivity of its use may have been violated. In this case, they should print a new Attendance Card, with a different QR code, through the relevant function of the Information System. The attendance card is mandatory and its use is made exclusively and only when the beneficiary child comes to the structure.

It is pointed out that, in cases of change of Structure:

  • The beneficiary child or disabled person can change Agency/Structure, but always in the same category of structure and position, on the one hand by informing EETAA by submitting the request electronically in the special application, and on the other hand, by informing the Structure by submitting the relevant Responsible Declaration.
  • Registration in another structure will be possible from the 1st working day of the following month.
  • In the event of a change in structure, it is considered necessary to reissue the Attendance Card (KA.PA).

The Attendance Card

  • The Attendance Card (KA.PA.) should be scanned during the daily arrival and departure of the beneficiary child, in order to automatically register his presence in the EETAA Information System, and in this way, to confirm the provision of services by the Structure, on the corresponding day.
  • KA.PA it should only be scanned when the beneficiary child comes to the structure.
  • In any other case, it constitutes an irregularity and the EETAA beneficiary may proceed, initially with a (one and only) recommendation to the legal representative of the beneficiary, and then, upon repetition of this, with removal/cancellation of the voucher.

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