This is how they killed the 46-year-old contractor in Rhodes – Two fatal blows to the head, the medical examiner found


The epilogue of the case that concerns the prosecuting authorities of our region, but also the local community since the previous Wednesday (August 31), was written in the most tragic way.

The death of the 46-year-old contractor of Albanian origin, father of three minor children, who was found dead yesterday morning, in the area between Psinthos and Afandos, is attributed to two strong blows to his head. The rope appears to have been used to immobilize him.

The epilogue of the case that concerns the prosecuting authorities of our region, but also the local community since the previous Wednesday (August 31), was written in the most tragic way.

After a systematic, thorough and well-organized effort, the police officers of the Security Sub-Directorate of Rhodes in collaboration with the Archangelos Police Department managed not only to lead to the perpetrators of the murder of the 46-year-old foreigner, but also to extract their confessions.

Accused for the tragic death of the contractor are the 53-year-old businessman from Rhodes and his 20-year-old son, while the causes are said to be financial, specifically a sum of several thousand euros, which the 53-year-old allegedly owes for work he had done in his business on 2019 the 46-year-old.

However, father and son, at least in the preliminary investigation, state that it was an accident since, as they said, there was an incident with the 46-year-old Albanian, who allegedly attacked the 20-year-old in a drunken state.

In his attempt to save his child, i.e. to defend himself, the 53-year-old stepped in the middle and hit him.

Immediately after, after stripping the 46-year-old, they took him to the area between Psinthos and Afantos, where they left him there, while the deceased’s car was taken to another place in Kalythies, close to the house where the contractor lived.

The forensic examination and the fatal blows

According to information from “Rodiaka”, the death of the 46-year-old is placed in time from the evening of Sunday, August 28 to the early hours of Monday, August 29, 2022.

From the examination carried out on the body of the contractor by the medical examiner Mr. Panagiotis Kotretsos, it was found that two blows to the head caused injuries.

According to the medical examiner, the 46-year-old foreigner died from these injuries.

However, the fact that a period of about ten days has passed since the incident, and the decay in the body of the unfortunate contractor may have altered or “disappeared” other elements that may have been there, is also worth mentioning.

The criminal prosecution

Father and son, following the arrest warrants issued against them, were brought yesterday late afternoon, accompanied by their lawyers Mr. Aki Dimitriadis, Dimitris Dimitriadis and Dimitris Verberis, in front of the public prosecutor where they were informed of the “heavy” prosecutions they face.

In particular, the District Attorney of Rhodes filed criminal charges against the 53-year-old and his 20-year-old son for premeditated homicide, in a calm state of mind, as an accomplice, and referred them for questioning.

The two defendants asked for and received a deadline to be able to prepare their apologies, until Saturday, September 10 in the morning. Until then, their reservation continues.

The elements that “betrayed” the 53-year-old

As is known, the contractor left his home on Sunday, August 28, 2022 and had not given any signs of life since then.

As the days passed and the 46-year-old foreigner, father of three minor children, did not return and did not answer his phone, his wife and brother on Wednesday, August 31, went to the police where they reported him missing.

Investigations to locate him immediately began and on September 1, the 46-year-old’s car was found at a distance of about 400 meters from his house, unlocked and without the keys.

In parallel with the investigations in various parts of the island and at the entrance gates, police officers of the Security Sub-Directorate of Rhodes and of the Archangelos Police Department, from the very first hours of the declaration of disappearance, began to receive statements from both relatives and friends and professional environment of the 46-year-old.

Among the evidence they collected was the appointment that the 46-year-old had on Sunday night, August 28, at the 53-year-old’s business to ask him to give him the money he owed him.

Initially examined by the police, the 53-year-old had stated that their date had been cancelled, however this claim was disproved when the police, receiving footage from security cameras in the area, located the foreigner at a nearby point from the businessman’s hotel.

So the police asked the 53-year-old to give a new statement, which they scheduled for the end of last week, but in the end the businessman did not appear even then, citing a health problem of a relative, with the result that, last night, he was brought to the Sub-Directorate of Security Rhodes.

After a marathon night and special manipulations by the police, the 53-year-old “broke” and confessed to his act, which he said was done in the context of legal defense and protection of his child.

The fight

According to information from “Rodiaka”, on the evening of Sunday, August 28, the 46-year-old foreigner went to the 53-year-old’s business in the area of ​​Faliraki, as they had an appointment to settle the financial issue that existed between them.

There it is said that there was an argument between them and the foreigner persistently asked for the money owed to him by the 53-year-old, while he allegedly verbally and physically attacked the 20-year-old son, as a result of which the father came forward to protect him.

So in order to save his child, said the 53-year-old, he stepped in the middle and hit the foreigner, while also putting a rope around his neck. When his death was established, they took him together (father and son) to an area between Psinthos and Afantos.

He even indicated this point yesterday morning during his confession to the police where the 46-year-old was spotted wearing only his underwear and with the rope next to him.

According to the same information, the 53-year-old is said to have made two things clear from the beginning: that it was an accident in the context of defense, and that his son had no involvement in the death of the 46-year-old, except for what followed.

In any case, detailed explanations will be given by both men next Saturday morning during their apologies to the investigator Rhodes.

His relatives are shocked

Shocked by the development of the case are the relatives, acquaintances and friends of the 46-year-old who still cannot believe what happened.

In fact, his associates and friends, early yesterday afternoon, when the death of the 46-year-old and the arrests of the two defendants became known, went outside the Rhodes Security Directorate.

Speaking to “Rodiaki”, they emphasized, among other things, that the deceased had a “good name” as a professional, “didn’t owe a single cent” as they characteristically said, and that the money owed to him by the 53-year-old amounted to several thousand euros and was from a job he the 46-year-old had done to him in 2019 at his hotel.

They told “Rodiaki” that they couldn’t believe what had happened, since two days before they were all eating and drinking with the 46-year-old, while also on the days of his disappearance, they met the 53-year-old without being able to understand anything from his behavior .

“premeditated crime”

The lawyer of the family of the 46-year-old businessman contractor who was found dead in Rhodes, after he had disappeared since last Sunday, spoke of a premeditated crime in his statements to ERT South Aegean.

The lawyer of the victim’s family, Mr. Minas Tserkis, stated to ERT N. Aegean: “…Finally, from what it seems yesterday (the day before yesterday) the perpetrator, the perpetrators probably, confessed because he was a father and son…

It appears from the evidence to date that together they planned and executed this heinous crime. The reason is truly humble… One of the perpetrators owed 100,000 euros to the murdered man… Together they gave him blows on the head…

The information tells me, because I repeat officially I can’t say it yet, because we haven’t received copies of the case files, that some anesthetic spray was also used.

All this shows that we are talking about a crime that was definitely premeditated. Within the day they will be brought to the public prosecutor and then to the female investigator, who will certainly give them some time to apologize.

We are waiting for the case file to come down to the court in order to declare the representation in support of the charge for his wife, brother, three minor children and his mother, who you understand how they all experience this tragic event.

The police announcement

Regarding the incident, a statement was issued yesterday morning by the General Regional Police Directorate of the South Aegean which states the following:

“The homicide of a 46-year-old foreigner, who had been reported missing, was investigated by police officers of the Security Sub-Directorate of Rhodes and the perpetrators were identified.

In particular, it is about two citizens aged 20 and 53 against whom a case was filed for manslaughter with intent to commit complicity.

In particular, regarding the history of the case, on the evening of August 30, 2022, the disappearance of a 46-year-old foreigner was reported to the Archangelos Police Department since the evening of August 28, 2022.

During the investigation of the case on August 31, 2022, the vehicle of the missing person was located in a rural area.

Subsequently, in the context of a thorough collection – utilization of evidence and pre-trial data, the involvement of the two nationals was found, who today (i.e. yesterday) in the early hours of the morning were brought to the Security Sub-Directorate of Rhodes and, being examined during the preliminary investigation process, described in detail their act, indicating the place of the homicide, as well as the place where they had transported – hidden the body of the 46-year-old.

More specifically, on the evening of August 28, 2022, the 46-year-old went to a meeting with the perpetrators who, due to financial disputes between them, quarreled and fatally wounded him.

Then, in order to cover up their act, they took the 46-year-old’s vehicle to a rural area and his body to a second place where they casually hid it.

The body was found, collected and a forensic examination was ordered.”

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