Applications and certificates with a few clicks – The new portal is live


“We designed a modern digital tool with the aim of serving the daily life and needs of our citizens”, said the mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis.

The new utility portal of the Municipality of Athens has been online for a few days now, a modern and easy-to-use digital tool designed from the ground up, focusing on the needs of citizens, professionals and visitors to Athens.

The new philosophy

The brand new it turns into a modern digital tool, pleasant to browse and functional, replacing – after about a decade – the outdated philosophy of the previous site. Its logic is based on the exceptional ease of use, as every piece of information is given to the visitor in a simplified way. This means that it is not necessary for someone to know the structure and services of the municipality to be able to “reach” the information he is looking for, but that the information is offered simply and quickly, with a few clicks.

Through the “search” field located on the main page, the visitor can easily find any information related to the municipality, search for online services such as issuance of a permanent resident parking card, the issuance of a traffic permit on the ring road, the issuance of a certificate of no TAP debt for the transfer of property etc. On the same site, he can discover the cultural events and programs offered by the municipality, but also how to contact the competent services for the homeless in Athens, etc.

cityofathens portal

The positive experience offered by the portal is also enhanced by the fact that the basic information has been organized in special thematic sections. Thus, users can easily find all the information about the sports activities, cultural events, cleanliness and recycling, green spaces and the environment, parking, health, the child, the elderly, social solidarity, the disabled, lifelong learning, civil society, entrepreneurship, strays.

THE Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis on the occasion of the presentation of the new website of the municipality, he emphasized: “The new, modern portal of the Municipality of Athens is another digital step of this municipal authority, which puts the needs of the citizen at the center. The municipality must serve its citizens quickly and without inconvenience, which is why everything we do aims to reduce bureaucracy, facilitate the needs of Athenians and city professionals, but also to integrate Athens into the new digital age . The new portal contributes to transparency and “builds” a better and more direct relationship between the municipality and citizens. We invite every Athenian to visit it and discover the possibilities it offers.”

A new era in the daily relationship between the citizen and the municipality

In the friendly, digital environment of, portal users can – now – easily, either from their mobile phone or from their computer/tablet:

· To issue certificates and attestations.

· To find all the electronic services provided by the municipality, as well as those for which a physical presence is required.

· Book their appointment with the municipal services electronically.

· To report a problem they face in their neighborhood.

· To be informed about the cultural, sports and entertainment activities offered by the municipality.

· Watch the Municipal Council live and read the decisions that concern them.

· To learn about the obligations of the services.

· To be informed about the news of the municipality.

The new portal is connected to all websites of the Municipality of Athens, so that all information is gathered and easily accessible, while it will soon be available in English, so that it can be used by foreign visitors to the city.

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