Full Glass: Spaten will share space with 13 more labels at the Oktoberfest in Blumenau

Full Glass: Spaten will share space with 13 more labels at the Oktoberfest in Blumenau

Since April this year, the Oktoberfest in Blumenau has defined Spaten beer as the official label of the party, the largest in Brazil of its kind and the second largest Oktober in the world — second only to the original, in Munich (Germany).

The novelty now is that the Munich brand will be joined by another 13 special beer labels, including styles from the North American Goose Island, the Argentinean Patagonia, the Belgian Hoegaarden and the Brazilian Colorado.

From Patagonia, for example, comes the traditional amber lager and a dark lager harder to find outside the brand’s bars. There is also the refreshing Colorado Ribeirão Lager, with orange in the formula, and the classic Hoegaarden, the mother of witbiers.

In common, they all belong to the Ambev portfolio, including Spaten itself, which is one of the six official breweries of Munich’s Oktoberfest, alongside Paulaner, Augustiner, Hofbräu, Hacker Pschorr and Lowenbrau.

After two years absent due to the pandemic, Oktoberfest takes place again in Blumenau, the city that held the first party in 1984. This edition will be the first with Spaten and its traditional munich helles as the main beer of the event. To have the beer at the party, Ambev won a bid with a proposal of R$ 2.5 million.

Check out all the styles that will be at the party below:

Spaten Munich Helles

One of the world’s first single malts and one of the official Oktoberfest breweries in Munich, Germany, created in 1397

Patagonia IPA

American IPA from Argentina Patagonia, with strong bitterness and citrus aroma

Patagonia Amber Lager

The brewery’s flagship, a more malty style, with balanced bitterness and caramel aroma

Patagonia Weisse

A classic witbier, that is, with wheat, which gives it a lighter color, coriander seeds and orange peel

Bohemian Patagonia Pilsner

Traditional pilsen, best selling style in the world, made with classic Czech Saaz hops

Patagonia Dark Lager

Oktober can be a good chance to drink the Argentinian brewery’s dark lager, uncommon outside the brand’s bars.

Colorado Ribeirão lager

This good american lager with orange addition from the brewery in Ribeirão Preto has low bitterness and a lot of freshness.

Colorado Appia

One of Colorado’s most traditional labels, a wheat ale with added honey

Colorado Kuya

This session IPA is one of the brewery’s newest labels, a lighter IPA with a strong passion fruit aroma.

Colorado Indica

Another classic from Colorado, Indica is an English IPA with a more coppery color and a touch of brown sugar.

Colorado Okto

Seasonal label created especially for Oktoberfest and called session fest bier. The beer is malty, with very low bitterness and includes cashews

Goose Midway

Chicago Brewery Traditional Session IPA with 4.1% alcohol and moderate bitterness

Goose IPA

American breweries specialize in American IPAs; this one has a good presence of hops, with a citrus aroma


The Belgian brewery is the mother of all witbiers. The award-winning beer maintains its classic formula, with orange peel and coriander seeds; no inventions

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