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Tire repair kit instead of spare on new cars – Why it happens


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Repair kits cannot completely replace the spare as they cannot be used in cases where the tire is completely flat or the rim is warped.

More and more companies in recent years replace the spare with a tire repair kit, according to a study by the American Automobile Association. The percentage of new cars with a repair kit, which were bought in 2014 and 2015 was 36%, while in recent years the vast majority of cars have no spare, with the percentage being much higher.

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The main reason that car manufacturers choose to replace the spare with a repair kit is the cost reduction, but also the reducing the weight of the car and consequently the reducing fuel consumption. A repair kit weighs around 2kg as opposed to a spare which is over 14kg.

According to the research, repair kits cannot fully replace the spare as these cannot be used in cases where the tire is completely flat or the rim is warped.

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The way a repair kit works is to introduce fluid into the tire through a pump, which is powered by pressure and energy from the car’s supply. Of course, the repair in this case is only done when the diameter of the hole is small and the liquid can cover it immediately.

Finally, the survey showed that 90% of men between the ages of 34-54 know how to change a tire, with the percentage among men aged 18-34 rising to 78%. 97% of men regardless of age said they know how to change a flat tire, with the corresponding percentage of women at 68%.

Another reason for promoting the repair kit in modern cars is the saving of space, especially in hybrid and electric versions, where the battery occupies a large part of the available spaces and the extra centimeter on the platform plays an important role. The place where we will find the repair kit is in the place of the spare inside a case.

Also, we should not forget the great effort that car manufacturers make to reduce the weight of the car, in order to reach the emission limits, in order not to receive heavy fines, while the policy of reduced emissions greatly affects the formation of the fees. circulation.

Changing a tire is a process that takes some getting used to.

Care must be taken to place the jack in specific areas of the frame. First we unscrew the bolts before lifting the car, remove the wheel with the flat tire and install the spare.

In the event that there is no spare but only a repair kit, then we will have to give the necessary electricity to the pump through a supply in the car and fit the bottle with the liquid to the valve.

In case the hole is of a large caliber, and the liquid cannot cover it, then we call roadside assistance.


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