The Municipality of Athens “beautifies” the neighborhoods of Athens – See the “transformations” in the area of ​​Mets


Alsos Longinou, after years of abandonment and indifference, returned upgraded to the neighborhood of Metz

The next day of Athens changes through the 129 neighborhoods and the Municipality of Athens, implementing a holistic network of interventions, upgrades the capital aesthetically and functionally, directly improving the quality of life of its residents. The triptych, on which the multifaceted and well-planned actions implemented daily in the city’s neighborhoods are based, is more green, adequate urban equipment and modern infrastructure.

This also happened in his area Mets, where the services of the Municipality proceeded with the gradual reformation of the neighborhood, implementing at the same time two important breathing projects. The regeneration and reconstruction of the playground and the Sports Center in Alsos Longinou were carried out with an exclusive donation and implementation by the Onassis Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens. Joining forces and making use of the “Adopt your City” program once again, the municipal authority has given life to this special lung of green, reintegrating it into the daily life of the residents of the neighborhood.

The Longinou Grove, after years of abandonment and indifference, returned upgraded to the neighborhood of Mets and was given to the residents of the area, in collaboration with the Onassis Foundation, which also undertook the implementation, now having more than 2,500 new plants that contribute significantly to the stimulation of of its biodiversity.

The natural dirt tracks of 2,200 sq.m. they were upgraded, enabling visitors to enjoy their walk or play sports, while the services installed new urban equipment (benches, fencing and waste baskets), as well as modern infrastructures that ensure an environmentally friendly maintenance of the site.

At the same time, the outdoor basketball court was completely renovated and already hosts dozens of young and old fans of the sport, while the Alsous playground was also reformed, acquiring new modern equipment, safe play equipment, suitable for every age group of children, complex wooden houses, swings, seesaws and spring toys.

The new, modern and safe pedestrian path leading to Alsos

Just a few meters away from the upgraded Longinou Grove, the Municipality built from scratch a modern pedestrian path, which harmoniously joins the Grove, allowing residents and visitors to visit it on foot, easily and safely.

Before the redevelopment, Kosmas Balanou had turned into an unruly parking lot, surrounded by piles of garbage, tarnishing the image of the neighborhood. Today, with the redevelopment, the targeted interventions and the creation of the pedestrian walkway, the image of the neighborhood changes radically, the area becomes more green, while at the same time quality public space is freed up, which both Athens and the Athenians are in great need of.

An elegant floor of colored cobblestones…invites the residents of the area to visit the regenerated Longinou Grove. On either side of the walkway, the technical services built two low walls with stone cladding, which integrate perfectly into the green environment and direct visitors to discover the new green areas of the park. Also, the pedestrian street acquired new urban equipment and infrastructure for the disabled, while the services of the Municipality took care of the greenery, while proceeding with new plantings.

Finally, they installed a modern irrigation system, maintained and repaired the underground storm drain, installed new lighting fixtures and reconstructed the infrastructure of the electric lighting network, so that the area is always adequately lit, providing a greater sense of security to visitors and residents.

Athens, in the situation it had found itself in the last few years, needed not only large projects, but also many small ones that would make a difference in the daily life of its inhabitants. It was in need of a “restart”, of multifaceted substance interventions, which would radically change the face of the city’s 129 neighborhoods. The care of parks, playgrounds and sports facilities, the improvement of infrastructure and urban equipment, are projects that the Athenians were deprived of. They are interventions that we committed to the citizens and which, day by day, are put into practice, bringing us even closer to the final goal of a vibrant, safe, sustainable and healthy city“, says the Mayor of Athens in a statement, Kostas Bakoyanniss.

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