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Free firewood for the residents of mountainous areas – Who are the beneficiaries


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What does the relevant circular of the Ministry of Environment and Energy provide

The ability to inhabitants of mountainous regions of the country to undertake, either organized as a community or individually, the felling of timber, under the supervision of the relevant forestry services, in order to cover the needs for the winter season gives the Ministry of Environment and Energy, with a relevant circular signed by the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Giorgos Amyras.

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It is reminded thatalready, free firewood is available from the Forestry Labor Cooperatives (DASE) to residents throughout Greece.

This year, the Ministry allocated 4,500,000 euros, which is the highest appropriation of the last decade, to the Forestry Policy Implementation Inspection services: Macedonia-Thrace, Epirus-West Macedonia, Thessaly-Sterea Greece, Peloponnese-West Greece and Ionia, to cover of the individual needs of the inhabitants in the mountainous regions of the country.

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In more detail, the funding amounts per year are as follows:

2022: €4,500,000

2021: €3,500,000

2020: €3,000,000

2019: €680,000

2018: €480,000

2017: €457,000

2016: €907,500

2015: €1,100,000

2014: €90,000

At the same time, the Ministry of the Interior, understanding that the current conditions create a need to readjust the prices of logging and other works, proceeds with the necessary actions to increase them from the next management year.

“The energy crisis that Europe and Greece are experiencing is unprecedented, that’s why we increased the funding of timber felling. The free distribution of firewood in the mountainous and forested villages is progressing, while we are now giving the residents the opportunity to cut wood themselves to heat their homes” pointed out the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Giorgos Amyras.

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