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Evrytania: New dip of the frogmen today in Lake Kremaston for the 48-year-old


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Anxiety about the fate of the woman is at its peak. She has been missing since last Thursday.

The investigations carried out in Evrytania by sea, land and air to locate it 48 years old who has been missing since last Thursday.

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In Lake Kremaston, four of its people will dive again today submarine mission group in great depth in order to continue the research. The find that mobilized the frogmen of the Coast Guard yesterday, turned out not to be a human body.

At the bottom of the lake there are many objects, mud and portable materials which makes underwater research difficult.

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Most of the research is done in the lake, as it was found there car of the 48-year-old, the mobile her but also note in which she reportedly requested that she be euthanized if found seriously injured and that her child be taken care of.

According to information, the woman allegedly fell in the past victim of domestic violence and not withstand the pressure he was receiving.

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