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‘Running Out of Time’: Global Climate Relay Begins – From Scotland to Egypt


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The relay will cover 7,767 km across 18 countries to deliver the message of climate education. It will constantly change hands, between runners, cyclists and sailors for 38 days and nights

Today, Friday, September 30, the first of thousands of runners starts from Glasgow (which hosted COP26) in Running Out of Time, a unique relay race expected to break all precedents, in a human chain of collaboration that will travel 7,767 km in 18 countries to take the message of climate education, from the new generation to the leaders who will be participating in the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt.

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The opening ceremony in Glasgow, in partnership with Glasgow City Council and other agencies and organisations, includes short speeches from key partners, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and the Carbon Copy and the presentation of the Glasgow Food Policy Partnership. A pupil and teacher from the award-winning Sunnyside Primary School (Green School and Environmental Competition Champion of the Decade) will read the message which will then be stamped on the baton for the 7,767km journey.

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Running out of time

The baton will start at 14:00 Glasgow time from the Park Glasgow Green and will constantly change hands, between runners, cyclists and sailors for 38 days and nights to arrive in Sharm El-Sheikh on November 5, 2022, in time for COP27, which will take place November 6-18, 2022. Participants will be accompanied along the way the select, experienced support team with J. Levelle, E. Scott, A. Lim and M. Borgen; It is the longest non-stop relay race ever attempted.

The President of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and Vice-President of FEE, Nikos Petrou, says: “From today, our attention is focused on the thousands of people who will carry the baton from hand to hand, highlighting with their participation the need for cooperation at all levels to keep alive the hope of a sustainable planet for us and the our children. Time is passing, but it is not yet over and scientists show that there are solutions. Join your voice with ours to pressure inaction governments, to demand bold and effective action with strong commitments, to make climate knowledge the property of all of us through quality education to gain the skills we need and understand the need for a radical change in behavior and lifestyle. Run with us! Support the relay and its message!”

The Leader of Glasgow City Council, Susan Aitken, says: “COP26 highlighted how dramatic the situation facing the planet is and at the same time that only with collective and urgent action can humanity be saved from impending global catastrophe. Governments are making commitments, but it is cities like Glasgow that are delivering projects for a climate neutral and sustainable future and must remain at the heart of future policies and actions. It is time to step up the pressure on leaders and governments to ensure that the commitments of the Glasgow Climate Agreement are met. I’m sure the baton message will relay the strong feelings we saw last year here in Glasgow. Participating in Running Out of Time is another unique opportunity for citizens to raise their voices and show their firm commitment to the fight against climate change.”

Participations will strengthen FEE’s environmental programs through the Global Forest Fund and Carbon Copy mechanism.

The online Schools Day of Action (, on 3 November, is a structural part of the event and will enable young people to take part in an impressive virtual programme, which promotes solutions for climate change and contributes to the formation of environmental awareness through experiential educational actions. So far, about 434,000 students from 736 schools in 82 countries have enrolled.
Those who will not be able to run the physical route in the name of climate action can “carry” the baton, in a Global Virtual Relay on November 5, 2022, supporting the message with their own voice.

Running Out of Time is organized by The World Relay Ltd and is made possible thanks to the collective effort of many partners and supporters. In Greece, the organization is coordinated by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF), as a representative of FEE

Registration for participation in Greece:

Read and SUBSCRIBE to the Running Out of Time MESSAGE:

For more information:

EEPF: Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF), 210 3255341

Lilian Stathori,, Daria-Nefeli Vourdoubas,

The message that will be stamped inside the baton during the ceremony in English and Arabic:

“Time is up.
Quality climate education is vital if we are to equip citizens of all ages with the necessary knowledge and skills to build a future in which all can prosper.
Young people must be recognized as leaders, brought to the forefront of the climate change debate and empowered through education.
We call on world leaders to provide us with the skills and education to build a sustainable world.
Our world is warming and to hold it to 1.5 degrees we need long-term thinking, consistent policies and funding to help us reach Net Zero Emissions.
We are committed to helping build an inclusive and sustainable future for all.
Show with your actions, not just words, that you are committed too.

Help us get there!”

When: Friday 30 September to Sunday 6 November 2022
Where: Glasgow, Scotland to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
Details: 7,767 km, 732 sections of 10 km each, 38 days.

The route: The baton will pass through Scotland, Wales, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt.

The route in Greece: The baton will arrive in Greece from Albania on October 24, 2022. It will follow a route, off the main roads, to: Kastoria – Kleisoura – Ptolemaida – Akrini – Veria – Trilofo – Katerini – Platamona – Gonni – Rodia – Larissa Farsala – Domoko – Lamia – Kamena Vourla – Agios Konstantinos – Skala – Martino – Akraifnio – Aliarto – Thebes – Oinophyta – Avlona – Afidnes – Marathon Dam – Marathonia Route – Acropolis – Faliro, from where he will leave by sailing ship for Cyprus, on October 27, 2022. Overall we have 750km divided into 72 sections, of which 46 for runners and 26 for cyclists.

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