Manolopoulos in SKAI: Lockdown for the unvaccinated – In which categories should the compulsory vaccination be extended?


Professors Evangelos Manolopoulos and Demosthenes Sariggianis are skeptical about the course of the pandemic in the country.

Evangelos Manolopoulos, a professor of Pharmacology at the Democritus University of Thrace, expresses his concern that a high number of cases, deaths and admissions to ICUs are still being recorded, while winter has not yet peaked. “There are not many signs that they will be significantly reduced. They have stabilized, they may have a slight decrease, but this picture continues. So I think we should not be complacent and say that the measures work. “They have partially stopped the growth rate, but we will have to see what else we can do to reduce the cases”, he underlines.

In this context, he proposes the imposition of a lockdown for the unvaccinated, pointing out that “any unvaccinated person who enters any area will cause damage”, while a solution would be their entry into all areas with a negative rapid test.

The other measure, according to Mr. Manolopoulos, that must be taken is the extension of the obligation of vaccination to younger ages, maybe from 50 years, but also to specific professional groups, starting from the employees in the restaurant, in the security bodies and the army, which show high rates of unvaccinated.

What do the Sarigianni models show?
For his part, the professor of Environmental Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Demosthenes Sarigiannis, points out that although the models show a de-escalation, there is a slight slowdown.

Regarding the course of epidemiological indicators, he notes that “according to our models, until Christmas we will continue to see de-escalation, which will be significant. We now have an average of around 5,500-5,600 cases per day and they can reach 4,000, even 3,000 depending on the acceleration that will occur. The ICU has reached its peak at the moment and I believe we will do better now. Yesterday we had a decrease in the number of patients, which is infinitesimal, but it is important because we do not see an increase. Deaths will be reduced to under 40 in the new year, as next week we will see the peak of deaths to then begin to fall. By Christmas we can reach 60 deaths, but not lower. “And that depends on how serious we are going to be at Christmas.”

Finally, Mr. Sarigiannis proposes as a measure to conduct a self-test per week for the vaccinated.

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