Barnô, new rooftop in SP, overlooks Ibirapuera and a bar signed by Guillotina

Barnô, new rooftop in SP, overlooks Ibirapuera and a bar signed by Guillotina

The seventeenth floor of an old residential building in Jardim Paulista now houses Barnô, the newest terrace in the city of São Paulo — or rooftop, as people like to say. The house begins to receive the public from this Saturday, the 8th.

The bar is located at the top of Canopy São Paulo, a hip hotel run by the Hilton group and opened last June in a 1960s building located next to Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, close to Paulista. With the retrofit, the building gained a graffitied gable and modern decor punctuated with icons of Brazilian design, such as the Girafa bench, by Lina Bo Bardi, and the Paulistano armchair, by Paulo Mendes da Rocha. The whole environment looks like it came out of a Pinterest board.

Barnô follows the same line. Although it is divided into three spaces, the hall is medium in size, which can fit around 80 people. There is a lounge with armchairs and a space with a shared table where the bar is. The main attraction is the balcony with sofa and retractable roof, from where you can have a drink enjoying the view of the ocean of buildings in São Paulo — the green island that appears among all the concrete is Ibirapuera Park, close to the address.

The debut of the rooftop brings with it another novelty: an authorial letter signed by Guillotina, an award-winning cocktail bar run by award-winning bartender Spencer Amereno Jr. in the Baixo Pinheiros region, in the west. But the place also prepares classic cocktails, as the rule says.

Among the special recipes, there is Santa Inês, made with gin, port wine, raspberry liqueur and grenadine, a liqueur made from pomegranate. It costs R$62. For those who prefer more intense drinks, The Crusher is a kind of aromatic version of the boulevardier, made with brandy, rum, Amaro Lucano and red vermouth. It goes for R$ 69.

To accompany the glasses and glasses, there is a food menu signed by David Kasparian, chef at Stella, the hotel’s restaurant, which is located on the ground floor. While Stella seeks to present contemporary São Paulo cuisine, Barnô offers a short menu of cold and tasty snacks.

Orders include the Brazilian cheese board with homemade jams (R$62), the steak tartar with manioc chips (R$55) and the shiitake marinated with sesame tofu (R$38). There is also the shredded lamb sandwich with mayonnaise, for R$48.

Soon, the space plans a program of DJs to put on a sound for the public. The Barnô is open from Thursday to Saturday, starting at 6 pm, and on Sundays, starting at 4 pm.

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