“Immigrants”: A polar bear and her baby flee due to climate disaster


The heartbreaking meteorites of a climate catastrophe are explored by the animated film “Migrants”. Fifth-year students at the French animation school Pôle D Zoé Devise, Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak and Lucas Lermytte focus on a simple story: a polar bear and its teddy bear leave the Arctic ecosystem as glaciers collapse into water. Their icy home is no longer viable. They try to survive as in a climate with lush vegetation they meet indifferent brown bears.

With knitted patchwork and digital backdrops, reminiscent of stop-motion techniques, the short film goes beyond climatic narratives that explore only the direct effects of a hurricane or fire. The award-winning film “Migrants” at various festivals also includes the difficulties faced by refugees when they are displaced due to these causes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugPJi8kMK8Q).

“We knew we wanted to make a short film about society and current issues. In 2018, the “Aquarius” that had left more migrants became a cause of controversy but no country wanted the boat to approach its ports. We were moved by this and inspired by it as the theme of our film. So we did a story on the issue of migration, but with the issue of global warming on it. With polar bears as our main characters, as it is one of the biological species most affected by climate change, “the filmmakers explained in a recent interview with 3DVF.

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