Thessaloniki: What the police say about the glass attack inside the patrol car – “I felt like I was being cut, I was bleeding”


“With one hand I was holding the wound and with the other I was holding the steering wheel trying not to lose control of the vehicle” describes one of the two police officers who were attacked

The two police officers described to the Athens Agency the moments they experienced on Thursday night when they were attacked with broken glass by a 45-year-old foreigner whom they had brought in and transported in a conventional ELAS vehicle – a van type – to a police station to check his personal documents of the Directorate of Foreigners of Thessaloniki.

He seemed cooperative when we put him in the cage on Monastiuri Street from where we brought him. We informed him of our status and that we will transfer him to the Department of Immigration Management in Kordelio. At 200 meters and as we were at the Kordelios flyover broke the partition glass and sprinkled us with urine that he had in a bottle” said the 42-year-old policeman who was at the wheel of the vehicle.

Taking over from his colleague, the 51-year-old passenger he reported that he felt as if something was burning him, saying characteristically “I thought it was caustic liquid.” Almost simultaneously and holding piece of glass (s.s. probably from the broken glass partition) – as they described – attacked them successively in the neck while shouting unintelligible things and trying to escape through the window of the vehicle.

“I felt like it was cutting me, I was bleeding… With one hand I grabbed the wound and with the other I held the steering wheel trying not to lose control of the vehicle. There was traffic on the flyover, I tried to stop the vehicle safely so that passing drivers would not be in danger,” continued the 42-year-old, stressing that at that moment he was afraid. “Incidents of unknown risk are ultimately the ones with the greatest risk,” he added.

THE 45 years old, originally from Bangladeshwas finally arrested with the assistance of policemen who were called to the scene, while the two policemen went to the 424 Military Hospital of Thessaloniki for first aid.


Postponing and maintaining the reservation

The two policemen were present today in the hall of the Three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki, where the 45-year-old was referred to be tried, with the automatic procedure. He was prosecuted for violence against employees, serial dangerous bodily harm, verbal abuse, damage to foreign property and illegal carrying of weapons.

He stated that he lives in Thessaloniki and that he begs at the traffic lights. As he sought an adjournment, his case will be heard on Monday and till then he will remain in custody, as the Court decided.


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