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Crete: “Fishing” dozens of cars from the sea! See photo


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How will the process of retrieving the cars from the bottom of the sea in Agia Pelagia take place

More than 30 sunken cars and two-wheelers are counted in its maritime area Agia Pelagia, but also to Lygaria and Paliokastro in Malevizi Municipality, after last weekend’s deadly bad weather.

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According to what he said to Cretalive, the Deputy Mayor responsible for Civil Protection of the Municipality of Malevizi, Giorgos Petousis, at the initiative of the Municipality, there will be a mass export of the vehicles from the bottom of the sea. For this reason, he called on those citizens who have lost their property to hurry and declare it.

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It is worth noting that there were cases where private individuals approached the flood victims asking them 300-400 euros to pull their cars ashore…

“The Municipality invites anyone who wishes, completely free of charge, to come and declare it and we will do it for everyone”, he emphasized, as there is an agreement with two businessmen in the area, who will rush to retrieve them.

Agia Pelagia

Regarding the incalculable damages caused in the wider area, Mr. Petousis emphasized that regarding the damages to the houses, for which the Municipality is responsible, a team of the Ministry of Infrastructure is in the area and is proceeding with checks while , already, the autopsy has been completed in 70% of cases.

“By tomorrow, we estimate that we will be finished. Many had not been able to enter their homes after the disaster and now that they entered they saw the damage. Every day we have more citizens,” added Mr. Petousis.


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