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These are the two young men accused of raping a minor in Livadeia – Their details and photos have been released


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They are accused of forcibly putting the minor in their car, driving her to a field in the wider area where they raped her.

The police released the information and photos of the two (2) young men accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in Livadia, Viotia.

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According to a relevant announcement, the identity details and photographs of two (2) citizens, who were arrested on (13-10) in the area of Attica, following relevant arrest warrants, for a case of rape against a minor, in Livadia of Boeotia.

See photos and their details here

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The specific publication, according to the relevant Prosecutor’s Order, aims to protect society, minors, vulnerable or powerless population groups and to facilitate the implementation of the State’s claim for the prosecution of the above offenses.

In this context, citizens are requested to contact the telephone numbers 22610 – 88888 and 22610 – 88851, of the Livadia Security Department, to provide any relevant information. It is noted that the anonymity and confidentiality of the communication is guaranteed.

It is pointed out that this publication is for a period of one (1) month, i.e. from 11 am on 18-10-2022 to 11 am on 18-11-2022, according to the Prosecutor’s Order. Beyond this time limit, the preservation and/or reproduction of the disclosure of the above data is not permitted and is against the Law.

According to the police, the two men aged 23 and 26 were arrested and accused of raping the 17-year-old. Their arrest took place in the evening of 13/10 in Keratsini. According to complaints to the police, last Sunday, October 9, the 17-year-old contacted the 23-year-old and made an appointment with him, but he did not go to Livadia alone but together with the 26-year-old. The 17-year-old has testified that she tried to leave but failed, as they forcibly put her in their car, drove her to a field in the wider area where they raped her.

Meanwhile, since the removal of telephone communications, the police located the two people in the area of ​​Keratsini and arrested them after an arrest warrant had previously been issued by the Livadeia investigator.

The police took the arrested to the Livadeia Misdemeanor Prosecutor’s Office, while at the same time their possible involvement in other related cases is being investigated.

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