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The 30-year-old man in Edipsos who kicked a kitten and threw it into the sea is innocent


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The 30-year-old was finally acquitted yesterday, who last May, being in the company of tavern in Edipsoskicked a kitten and threw it into the sea.

The 30-year-old had lured the kitten with food and when it came to him he kicked it and threw it into the sea.

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The defendant reportedly apologized for his act by declaring remorse before the three-member court of Chalkida.

Reactions from animal welfare organizations

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The Animal Welfare and Environmental Union of North Evia, “Happy Paws”, took a position on Facebook regarding the acquittal of the 30-year-old:

“Following today’s decision of the 3-member court of Chalkida, the young man was ACQUITTED for the incident involving the kitten in Lihada.

We conclude that since the unfortunate kitty did not suffer any physical harm, according to the reasoning of the judges, he is innocent.

So if someone kicks our / your child, as long as the child does not suffer any physical harm, the perpetrator will be innocent??? We wonder……!

For us every form of life has exactly the same meaning.

When your child doesn’t eat, you kick him??? Or do you put it on the chair and calmly try to get it to eat??? However, we do the latter. How long will this society turn a blind eye and acquit people who have committed some criminal act? HOW WHEN WILL THIS SOCIETY CLOSE ITS EYE??? How long will there be free rapists, rapists of minors, murderers, people who brutally abuse souls???

Surely we are not the ones who will condemn someone!

But we will DEFINITELY try to make our little Lihaditsa’s voice heard and get justice for what she went through! The continuation to your receivers…….!

Once again, we thank those who were and are by our side in this fight!”

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