Shipwreck of migrants in Kythira: Resident volunteers and those who participated in the rescue of 80 people were awarded


“Turkey has been systematically in recent times trying to reverse the reality of migration flows and blames Greece” said YNANP Yiannis Plakiotakis, on the occasion of the award ceremony.

An award ceremony for those who participated in the search and rescue operation in the Diakofti of Kythera during which 80 people were rescued was held today at the Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy, in the presence of YNANP Yannis Plakiotakis and YFNANP Kostas Katsafados.

During the ceremony, volunteer residents of Kythira, the Mayor of the island, as well as representatives of the Region of Attica and the Islands, local agencies and organizations, as well as executives of the LS-EL.AKT., of the EL.AS, were awarded. and the Fire Department.


In detail during the ceremony for their contribution to the rescue operation of our 80 fellow human beings, the following were awarded:
– The Deputy Governor of the Islands, Vasiliki Theodorakopoulou-Bogri.
– The Mayor of Kythira, Efstratios Charchalakis.
– The Commander of the 2nd Port Department of Kythera, Lieutenant Commander of the Coast Guard Niki Giannakopoulos, who also received the awards of the staff of the Kythera Port Authority as well as the Coast Guard Konstantinos Kampanopoulos who serves at the Kythera Port Authority.
– The Chief of the Kythira Fire Station, Pyragos Spyridon Fountoulakis, who also received the awards for the staff of the Kythira Fire Station as well as the Volunteer Firefighters.
– The Commander of the Kythira Police Department, Chief Constable A’ Triantafyllos – Antonios Pilikos, who also received the award from the Deputy Commander of the Kythira Police Department, Constable Koutsokostas Nikolaos.
– The Governor of the General Hospital of Kythira “Trifyleio”, George Megalokonomou.
– The doctor of the Kythira General Hospital, Efstratios Athanasopoulos.
– The nurse of the Kythira General Hospital, Maria Kontoleon-Kalligerou.
– Vrettos Sclavos, representative of the Greek Rescue Team.
– George Sklavos, member of the Association of Professional Fishing Boats.
– Michael Protopsaltis.
– Dimitrios Protopsaltis.
– Panagiotis Protopsaltis.
– Spyridon Kasimatis and
– Christos Tsouanis.

Mr. Plakiotakis, during his short greeting, underlined that “what happened in Diakofti of Kythira, is a special example of solidarity and courage. Of humanity and the power of the human will. Collaboration and efficiency. Thanks to them”, he stressed, “80 of our fellow human beings were saved, whom the ruthless traffickers’ rings, once again, sent to their deaths. With the tolerance of the Turkish Coast Guard, which does not prevent their action. As long as this continues,” he emphasized, “traffickers will pile unhappy people, without safety measures, into boats that cannot withstand the weather conditions, putting their lives in mortal danger.”

Besides, Mr. Plakiotakis, on the occasion of the award ceremony, underlined the following: “Today is the most appropriate time to clarify things. Firstly. Our country is doing the obvious. It protects its maritime borders. It acts in accordance with international law, with respect for human rights, with respect for human life. As much as some people don’t like it, it will continue. Secondly. Greece is saving lives, which the unscrupulous traffickers with Turkey’s tolerance are putting in mortal danger. Tolerance is complicity. Thirdly, Greek men and women, the ordinary citizens, with courage and bravery, support the Coast Guard, participate in rescue operations and help the immigrants.

Turkey has been systematically trying to reverse reality lately. It not only violates the agreement with the European Union, but also allows smuggling rings to operate unhindered resulting in increased migration flows. While, at the same time, distorting reality, he blames Greece.

Turkey, which tolerates the activity of the traffickers’ rings, accuses Greece of dismantling them. Turkey, which allows traffickers to put thousands of people in mortal danger, blames Greece for saving lives at sea.”

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy, Kostas Katsafados, in greeting him, pointed out the following: “It is a special honor for me to award people who continue to save lives while some from the opposite side of the Aegean are sending them to their deaths.

In your person we honor all these citizens and of course the officers of the Coast Guard, HELLA and the Fire Department who deliver lessons of self-sacrifice and humanity. We will always be as Greece against the unscrupulous circles that trade and exploit people who are looking for a better life. tomorrow. And I am particularly proud because the citizens also in Kythira showed that Greece remains a country of culture, of humanity that respects International Law and the Law of the Sea”.

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