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A 65-year-old man was swept away by a car and abandoned in Monastiraki, Vonitsa – They found him 3 days later


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The investigation into the circumstances of the death of 65-year-old Dimitris Tsoukas from Monastiraki, Vonitsa, took an unexpected and tragic turn.

The man in question had not shown signs of life since last Thursday and was finally found dead on Saturday, October 29, at the 7th kilometer of the Vonitsa-Monastiraki road.

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According to the information of, the autopsy at the Forensic Service of Patras took place today and it was decided that the death resulted from a traffic accident, specifically from drifting.

Specifically, injuries were found on the chest, abdomen and upper limbs.

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The police authorities have filed a case against an unknown perpetrator for manslaughter after a pedestrian was hit by an abandoned vehicle.

It is estimated that the driver left the unfortunate man helpless who used to walk that particular route. His death caused great grief in the region.

The investigation into the case is being carried out jointly by the Vonitsa Police Department and the Agrini Security Sub-Directorate.

It should be noted that the police were reportedly informed about the disappearance on Saturday when the unfortunate 65-year-old was found dead.

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