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Traffic blocks caught fire – Almost 15,000 violations in the three days of October 28


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Only 3,541 fines were issued for speeding, 510 for not wearing a seat belt, 362 for drink driving and 176 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

There were 14,988 violations confirmed by the Traffic Police in 62,595 checks carried out by 2,544 traffic control crews, during the three days of October 28 (10/27 to 10/30).

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The checks focused mainly on ‘dangerous’ and anti-social traffic offences, which can lead to a serious or even fatal road accident, such as speeding, drink driving, using a mobile phone while driving, violation of a red signal, illegal overtaking, violation of the Emergency Lane (E.L.A.).

In particular, special importance was given to the policing of the Emergency Lane (E.E.A.) and to the prevention of its violation by road users, without an extraordinary and serious reason.

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In particular, the violations that were verified related to:

– 3,541 for excessive speed,

– 510 for not using a seat belt,

– 503 for driving license suspension,

– 440 for not using a protective helmet,

– 362 for driving under the influence of alcohol,

– 290 for lack of KTEO,

– 176 for Emergency Lane,

– 123 for mobile phone use while driving,

– 114 for traffic in the opposite direction,

– 87 for violating a red light,

– 82 for abnormal maneuvers,

– 65 for worn tires

– 61 for illegal overtaking,

– 16 for not using child seats,

– 13 for violation of priority,

– 7 for movement in the left lane and

– 8,598 for other violations.

As ELAS points out, indicative of the dimension of the road safety measures taken between 27 and 30 October 2022 is the particularly increased traffic at the entry and exit points from Attica and Thessaloniki.

Specifically, 344,581 vehicles passed through the exit points of Attica and 323,438 vehicles through the entry points, while 185,133 vehicles passed through the exit points of Thessaloniki and 189,087 vehicles through the entry points.


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