Murder of a 17-year-old in Mandra: How the authorities “solved the tangle” of fratricide – The tragic conclusion


It took less than 24 hours for the 14-year-old to bend down and confess that he was the killer.

Makis Synodinos

With the 14-year-old’s confession that he “cut” the thread of his 17-year-old brother’s life, the tragic epilogue was written in the thriller that unfolded in Mandra, Attica.

It took less than 24 hours for the 14-year-old to bend down and confess that he was the killer.

“I killed him by accident. I mistook him for a wild boar” were the words he told the homicide officers yesterday afternoon, when the security team was carrying out a new investigation in the family’s barn.

The suspicions of the experienced ELAS officers from the beginning had fallen on the 14-year-old as he was missing.

When they managed to locate him on Thursday afternoon, they took him to the GADA security offices together with his father to give a statement.

In a marathon testimony that lasted through the night the 14-year-old did not confess to his brother’s murder, but contradicted the police’s pressing questions.

The contradiction that strengthened the policemen’s suspicions was when he described a different place of his return.

At first he claimed that he had disappeared with his brother when they had gone for the sheep. She looked for him but did not find him, so she returned home. A little later, he testified that when he lost the 17-year-old, he returned to the stable.

This suspicion was enough for the security team to return to the barn yesterday afternoon to carry out a new investigation.

Another element that the 14-year-old could not explain was how he found himself in the barn and also to whom a leather pouch that referred to a cartridge storage pouch belongs.

Regarding the father of the victim as well as the perpetrator, he falsely testified that he did not own a shotgun since the police investigation revealed that he had a hunting rifle which, however, did not have a license.

This development forced the father to admit the existence of the weapon while allegedly telling the homicide men “I hid it because he didn’t have a license and I was afraid” while he claimed he had it hidden in an old chest of drawers and didn’t realize it was missing. Late in the evening, an arrest warrant was issued on the charges of: Violation of the Weapons Act and Neglect of Supervision of a Minor.

The developments in the case may be rapid as there is a confession and the arrest of the perpetrator, however the file remains open from security as there are gaps in the 14-year-old’s statements and questions such as how a child can use a carbine.

Another point that is expected to come to light, possibly even today, from the forensic examination, is how many wounds the 17-year-old suffered, as a wound to the neck is evident.

It is recalled that there are two cartridges found next to his pile. Both from carbine.

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