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Severe weather EVA: A storm front 900 km long is approaching Western Greece, with strong storms until Sunday night,


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At noon on Saturday one forehead of strong storms 900 km long is located off the Ionian Sea and is rapidly approaching the Ionian Islands and the coasts of Western Greece.

According to the prognostic factors of the National Observatory of Athens/, today heavy rains and locally strong storms will affect the whole of Western Greece.

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Until the evening the phenomena will extend to the rest of the central and southern mainland and possibly to the western parts of Crete. During the night and until noon on Sunday, many areas of the rest of the country will be affected, including Thessaloniki and Athens.

During the second 12 hours of Sunday, the intense phenomena will persist in the eastern and southern mainland, in Macedonia, in the islands of the Central, Eastern and Southern Aegean and in Crete.

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In terms of meteo’s five-level Regional Precipitation Index (RPI), the rainfall event expected to be Category 3 on Saturday and Category 4 on Sunday.

Particularly in the prefecture of Attica and in the city of Athens, heavy rains and storms, which will be accompanied by increased electrical activity, strengthened gusty winds and possibly local hailstorms, will occur during the night to Sunday. Intense phenomena at times are expected to occur until Sunday evening.

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