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Thessaloniki: The 51-year-old man who was missing in the Kerdylia Mountains was killed by a chainsaw


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The 51-year-old had gone for logging work and the Missing Alert service from “Smile of the Child” had been activated to locate him

A 51-year-old man originally from Albania, who had been wanted since last Tuesday, was found dead.

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The 51-year-old had gone for logging work in the Kerdylia Mountains, outside of Thessaloniki, and the Missing Alert service from “Smile of the Child” had been activated to locate him.

His body was found on Sunday by Police, and he had a wound on his thigh, which was probably caused by a chainsaw, but so far the circumstances of his death have not been clarified.

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Among others, the version that he suffered an injury and that he stayed at the scene injured is being examined.

According to the police, the 51-year-old was accompanied by a 59-year-old Greek on whose behalf they went to the mountain, while the logging operations were apparently illegal.

As it is estimated that the 59-year-old is a “key” person for clarifying the circumstances of the foreigner’s death, searches followed at his home, where cartridges were found and for this he was arrested.

His 28-year-old son was also arrested for illegally possessing a knife.

They were both referred to trial in the automatic procedure.

The announcement of EL.AS on the case:

In the context of the investigation into the disappearance of a 51-year-old foreigner, following thorough investigations by police officers of the Department of Crimes against Life and Personal Freedom, with the assistance of personnel from the Search Department of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate, the Sub-Directorate of Criminal Investigations of Northern Greece and the police dog “Spark” of the Department of Police Companion Dogs of the Sub-Directorate of the Special Police Forces of Northern Greece, the aforementioned was found dead in a mountainous area of ​​the Municipality of Volvi yesterday (06-11-2022).

It is noted that the 51-year-old was reported missing on 04-11-2022 at the Volvi Police Station by a relative.

As it emerged from the police investigation, on 01-11-2022, the 51-year-old had moved to a northern massif in the Kerdylia mountains, in order to be temporarily employed in illegal logging operations together with a 59-year-old citizen on behalf of the latter. During the work, the first injured himself with a chainsaw, while the circumstances of the second’s fatal thigh injury are being investigated.

Subsequently, the 59-year-old contacted his son, who took him to a local Health Center, discarding the victim’s mobile phone on the way.

Searches were carried out in the 59-year-old’s home and in his 28-year-old son’s vehicle, where a total of five (5) knives were found, so both men were arrested for illegal possession of weapons.

The two arrested persons were taken to the Prosecutor of First Instance of Thessaloniki, while the case file, which was filed outside the limits of self-incrimination against the 59-year-old and concerns the fatal injury of the 51-year-old, was submitted to the competent judicial authority.

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