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Without Metro, Buses and Trolleys – Work stations in ISAP and Trams


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The participation of STASY and OSY workers in tomorrow’s 24-hour general nationwide strike was deemed illegal and abusive. However, the workers in Mass Transport are sticking to their decisions to participate in the GSEE 24-hour strike, either with work stoppages or with a 24-hour strike.

In fact, with newer decisions by the workers, tomorrow Wednesday, Athens will be left without Metro (lines 2&3), without Buses and Trolleys. Transport workers are covered by the announcement of the GSEE, which “denounces the anti-labor and anti-social coordination for the judicial obstruction of the participation of transport workers in the Pan-Hellenic All-Work Strike of November 9, 2022” stating that the strike is legal and the announcement is already known since September 15, which was decided unanimously by the Plenary of its Management.

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More specifically, the unions of Bus and Metro workers (Lines 2&3) who had announced work stoppages, after the court decision, decided that they would participate universally with a 24-hour strike.

The Tram workers will carry out the work stop they had announced as normal and so the trains will run from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening while on Line 1 of the Metro (formerly Electric) the routes will be carried out from 9 in the morning until at 5 in the afternoon.

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The 24-hour strike of the trolley workers will also take place as normal, as it was not possible to hear the management’s appeal today.

The railway workers (trains – suburban railway) as well as the taxi drivers participate in the 24-hour strike of GSEE.

The work stoppage of the air traffic controllers was also deemed illegal and abusive. However, it is noted that the cancellations and modifications of the flights announced by AEGEAN and Olympic Air are valid.


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