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General strike: The country is in a 24-hour blackout – How will the means of transport move in Athens


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Handbrake in taxis, subways, trolleybuses and buses – All sectors in the public and private sector participate – Electric and tram work stations

They have declared a general strike for tomorrow, Wednesday GSEE, ADEDY and the unionswith a basic request to address punctuality and better wages.

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Athens is expected to be paralyzed, as both the metro (lines 2 and 3) and the buses will not operate for the whole 24 hours, following the court’s decision, which ruled the work stoppages in STASY and OSY illegal.

THE Electric (line 1, ISAP)will operate from 9 am to 5 pm.

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The tramwill operate from 8 am to 10 pm.

The strike also includes taxiwhile finally the air traffic controllers will not go on strike, as the mobilization was deemed illegal and abusive by the court.

Also participating are the banking, teachers and professors’ unions, as well as private employees.

Changes to Hellenic Train routes

Due to the 24-hour strike tomorrow 09/11/2022 the following modifications will be made:

Larissa – Thessaloniki

08/11/2022 the amax, 2599 (Thessaloniki – Larissa) will be operated by bus and all intermediate stops.


08/11/2022 amax.715 It will take place by train on the Thessaloniki-Edessa section (and a return train from Edessa to Thessaloniki as empty material). In the section Edessa – Florina the amax. 715 will be executed by bus with the intermediate stops SS Arnissa & SS Amyntaio.

08/11/2022 amax.2534 will take place by train on the Athens – Oinoi section. In the Oinoi – Chalkida section, amax 2534 will run by bus with all intermediate stops.
08/11/2022 bus 2539 (Chalkida-Oinoi) will be operated by bus with all intermediate stops.


08/11/2022 buses 2302 & 2304 will run until SS Magoula. In the Magoula – Kiato section they will be operated by buses and all intermediate stops.

Buses and Trolleys

Buses and trolleys will be immobilized 24 hours a day, according to the decision of ILPAP workers.

No taxi and Ring on Wednesday

The taxi drivers will also participate in the 24-hour strike of GSEE, according to the decision of SATA.

Also, due to the 6-hour work stoppage of the Union of Air Traffic Controllers of Greece (EEEKE) and the 24-hour work stoppage of OSYPA, there will be cancellations and modifications of AEGEAN and Olympic Air flights.

At the same time, it was announced that due to the announced work stoppages of public transport workers for tomorrow, Wednesday 9 November 2022, as well as the 24-hour strike by the members of the Attica Taxi Drivers Association (SATA), the traffic restriction measures will not apply of vehicles in the Center of Athens (MIKROS DAKTYLIOS).

Drivers are requested to comply with the instructions of traffic controllers to avoid causing further traffic problems.

The boundaries of the LITTLE FINGER are defined by the following streets and avenues: Alexandras Street – Zakharof – Mesogeion Street – Phidippidou – Michalakopoulou – Sp. Merkouri – Vryaxidos – Ymitou – Iliou Street – Ambr. Frantzi – L. Andr. Sygrou – Hamosternas – Piraeus – Iera Odos – L. Konstantinoupoleos – Achilleos – Pl. Karaiskaki – Karolou – Marni – 28 October (Patesion) – L. Alexandras.

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