Chania: The phone call about a bomb in the courts is a hoax


Court services were re-opened

The phone call about a bomb that was made on Friday morning in the courts of Chania turned out to be a hoax.

Thus, the judicial services were put into operation again, after all the prescribed procedure was followed.

Police forces were mobilized immediately and searched the premises of the courts and with the assistance of a trained dog, after the area had previously been evacuated, to locate the explosive device.

According to information, today’s phone call was not similar to similar incidents recorded about two weeks ago.

In the previous hoaxes the pattern was identical to a female voice on a recorded message warning of a bomb, but today the Court of Appeal was called by a man and it is not a recorded message.

Members of the Chania Bar Association claim that incidents like today’s are common with unknown perpetrators calling to plant a bomb in order to avoid their cases being tried.

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