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The 40-year-old man who seduced a 14-year-old girl in a hotel in Omonia is on trial


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He met the 14-year-old in the summer of 2021 and while the minor was a student of the first high school

The accused will sit in the dock on December 5th at the Mixed Jury Court of Athens 40 years old father of two accused of sexual acts on a minor and abduction of a minor.

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The case was revealed last January and caused a shock in Panhellenium. The 40-year-old was arrested when he was leaving the hotel with her 14 years old. They met in the summer of 2021 and while she was a student of the first high school. Her mother suspected their love affair from the first moment when she discovered a photo on her daughter’s cell phone. A year ago she sees them together in Monastiraki and he tells her that he sees her daughter as his… child. The revelation of what was happening came on January 23, 2022. According to the subpoena: “The mother became aware through the social media accounts maintained by the defendant and her daughter that the two were together at the hotel… in Omonia where they spent the night, without her knowledge, thus supporting the defendant’s voluntary escape of the minor from her mother’s authority. She immediately called the police who went to the hotel with her and spotted the accused and the minor leaving the hotel at around 10:45, when they made an arrest.” The girl was immediately examined by a medical examiner and it was found that she has injuries that indicate sexual or physical violence.

The cameras and the messages betrayed him
The authorities examined the hotel’s security cameras frame by frame. The defendant together with the 14-year-old girl arrived at 01:46. The little girl was calling the 40-year-old by a nickname and through the messages it was revealed that he had an affair with the girl. “You made me love you and every day you destroy me. I should have listened to the others and left you early,” she wrote to him in one of the messages. She was telling him that he is a bad person. The 40-year-old insists that all this is in the imagination of the little girl. But a dialogue with a hotel employee shows the reality 40-year-old: We were at home and slept for 20 hours Employee: Why did you go home to sleep? 40-year-old: Well… we slept after that… Employee: Which one do you have now? The tall one? the tall one? How young is 17? The 40-year-old laughs and points to the number 4 with his hand… Clerk: They’re going to take you in. 40-year-old: For what? Clerk: For seduction.

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In their reasoning, the judges state: “The accused was aware of the criminality of his actions… The minor did not give convincing answers as to why they were together at the hotel. Defendant’s claim that he hung out with her because he felt sorry for her because of her bad relationship with her mother and because she wore the same clothes obviously doesn’t make sense. The defendant, acting manipulatively and taking advantage of her young age, committed lewd acts with her.

“He was cynical”
According to the authorities, the accused was cynical and it is characteristically stated: The fact that the 40-year-old continued to have contact with the minor even though her mother forbade it shows that his personality is characterized by particular cynicism and a lack of empathy as well as an inability to perceive gravity and the worthlessness of his actions. The 40-year-old has a daughter the same age as the sufferer, it states: “The accused’s daughter is almost the same age as the sufferer and therefore he would be expected based on the lessons of common experience to be more sensitive towards a girl of this age and to avoids even friendly relations with him.’ According to the judges, the 40-year-old even ignored the mother’s pleas not to see the girl. The lawyer of the minor’s mother, Giorgos Kaniaris, told the “Patris” newspaper: “It is a shocking case that unfolded in the center of Athens with the abduction of the child who is actually under 14 years old. The charges against the 40-year-old are serious and criminal. The audience will be shown the truth and what this man really did to this child. There is a great trauma in the girl’s psyche with the mother standing by her as a rock to help the child overcome the shock. The fact that he has been remanded and is in Tripoli prisons shows that his claims did not convince the judicial authorities. The epilogue will be written in court.”

“Do you do this to your children? Are you in a hurry?”
Along with the defendant and the 14-year-old in room 303, there were two more people who then, as it turned out, left. The mother of the child at the time of the arrest sees the accused and shouts at him: “You do this to your children too? Are you in a hurry?” The defendant in his testimony on the day the police found him claims that he did not have a sexual relationship with the child. According to what he said, it is reported: “Initially the defendant thought she was twenty years old but was informed by her mother that she is fourteen. The patient had confided in him that she was having family problems, that she was leaving her home and the defendant was giving her clothes and food because he sympathized with her. On 23.01.2022 a quarter after midnight they met by chance in Monastiraki and because there were no other metro routes running and it was very cold he decided to sleep in a hotel. The girl did not want to return home and asked him to come with one of her friends and her boyfriend at the hotel and he accepted because he felt sorry for them. They watched TV and at 05:00 the other two left and were left alone in the room. He claims that the accusation against him is fabricated by the minor’s mother because she did not approve of his presence in his daughter’s life.” In his plea, the defendant said that he thought the girl was… 16 years old and that while her mother told him her real age, he responded to the messages she sent him. In fact, in order to convince the judicial authorities, he claimed that he was worried because he kept seeing her with the same clothes. He claimed that it was the first time they went to the hotel and they just…kissed.

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