The olive producers of Lesvos are faced with the harsh consequences of climate change


The increasingly extreme climatic conditions have begun to affect the olive trees as well

The olive producers of Lesbos are facing problems due to climate change as the olive trees, although they usually bear fruit every two years, now bear fruit even every three.

“Because the rains are missing, because it’s not so cold anymore, the trees are almost underfunctioning,” says the olive grower, Prokopis Bandzis.

As a related report by DW – Greek reveals, after cheese, the olive is the most important economic income for the island, but the increasingly extreme climatic conditions also affect the olive trees. For this reason, farmers should learn to deal with the consequences of climate change.

“We want trees that are extensive, that are relatively tall, that have foliage, that have an understory, that are very tall, that support very high levels of biodiversity, that in itself will help tremendously in dealing with the consequences of climate change. of change” says Thanasis Kizos, Professor of Geography, who is researching at the University of Lesvos how farmers can deal with climate change in the future.

See the relevant DW – Greek report:


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