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The 35-year-old accused of sexually assaulting three schoolgirls in Kos is free


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The 35-year-old claimed that he was drunk and that he had not realized that there was a party of students in the bar he was in.

Free with restrictive conditions, the 35-year-old accused of indecent acts on three underage schoolgirls, on the island of Kos, was released late last night. According to the indictment, he even tried to rape one of them.

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With the agreement of the Prosecutor and Investigator, the 35-year-old was released under the following conditions:

Payment of bail amounting to 5,000 euros, ban on leaving the country, appearance once a month at the Police Department of his area, ban on socializing with minor children and also on approaching the specific three girls.

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The incident caused strong reactions in the local community and in fact residents of the island, parents and relatives of his children attacked him before he was arrested by the police, punching and kicking him in the street.

Paraskevi Perri and Ioannis Glykas appeared as defense attorneys.

He was charged with a felony.

Escorted by a strong police force, the 35-year-old was taken to the Kos investigator.

The 35-year-old denied everything that was attributed to him and provided corresponding evidence. In particular he said that previously had consumed a large quantity of alcoholic beverages at the specific store where the party was taking place, in which he is a regular and even said when he entered that he did not realize that it was a closed student event.

According to what the police announced, it all started on the night of last Saturday, November 12, when the 35-year-old went to a bar, where both the 14-year-old and the 13-year-old girl were, as they participated in their school party.

At some point, the 35-year-old allegedly made lewd gestures-acts insulting the honor of three minor girls (he tamed them). Then the 13-year-old girl left the store with the intention of reporting the incident, but the 35-year-old man followed her, who put her in his car and tried to rape her there. The minor girl managed to get out of the vehicle and report what she experienced to the police officers of the Kos Security Department, who arrested the 35-year-old.

A criminal case was filed against the arrested person for insulting the sexual dignity of minors and attempted coercion in sexual acts (rape) and with this he was brought to the Prosecutor’s Office of Kos, he was prosecuted and referred to the main investigation.

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