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Discharge for the Greek woman injured in Istanbul – She will claim compensation from Turkey


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The injured woman underwent surgery a few days ago in order to remove the fragment that was stuck in her leg

The 39-year-old Greek woman who was injured by the deadly explosion in Istanbul on November 13 will be discharged from the Papageorgiou hospital this afternoon.

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Anna Depola, who underwent surgery a few days ago at the hospital’s orthopedic clinic, in order to remove the shrapnel stuck in her leg at the time of the explosion that claimed the lives of six people and left 81 injured, is being discharged from the hospital this afternoon and is preparing together with her parents, Fotis and Aggeliki, to leave behind her the shocking adventure she lived. According to the family’s lawyer, Apostolo Lytra, he will claim compensation from Turkey.

“Her treatment took place in Greece, which was essentially our first priority. We will turn against the Turkish state for compensation”, said Mr. Lytras characteristically to

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The 39-year-old’s father and mother, who have been by her side since the beginning, are preparing for discharge with joy and relief that their daughter is well.

“We are very relieved that the operation was successful to remove the fragment which was lodged in the child’s leg, had penetrated the bone and lodged in the fibula. She is now given antibiotics and serums to keep her from hurting. There is a fear of not infecting the wound because the doctors don’t know where the fragment came from and if it was infected, because it stayed in the leg for two days”, Mr. Fotis Depolas from the Papageorgiou hospital tells

“He was in shock – He doesn’t want to talk about the moment of the explosion”

He thanked the medical and nursing staff who took care of his child and emphasized that the most important thing for the family is for Anna to fully recover.

“My daughter suffered a shock because she was five meters away from the explosion site. There were many people there who were walking at that time, who were killed in front of her and my daughter was saved. He saw dismembered bodies. He doesn’t want us to talk about the moment of the explosion. When we go to have a discussion about the moment of the explosion, he says he doesn’t want to hear anything.”

For the family, today’s day, when we celebrate the Ascension of the Virgin Mary, is significant and they pray to the Virgin Mary that everything goes well. “Today is a significant day. It is the Entrances of the Virgin. We ask the Virgin Mary that everything will go well, that our child will be strong and that she will forget this sad story as soon as possible. She herself is looking forward to walking but the doctor told her that she will be able to after 15 days. She is very happy to come home.”

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