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Ark of the World: From tomorrow new witnesses will testify – The offenses investigated by the prosecution


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By Ioanna Mandrou

Investigations into her case are in full progress Ark of the World, as now two juvenile prosecutors, Aik. Kopelaki and Dafni – Kyriaki Tsichli continue the criminal preliminary investigation calling for testimony new witnesses which may contribute data to the specific case.

The offences that the prosecution is investigating are two: The first relates to the felony of abusing a minor in carelessness and the second to the misdemeanor of bodily harm of bodily harm to the weak.

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The investigation is expected to be completed immediately and already the first witnesses – children who have lived in the structures as well as working in them – are expected to start testifying from tomorrow.

The information states that among them is a witness who lives abroad and has stated that he wants to testify at the prosecution.

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Up to this time, the persons who are under the prosecutor’s control are 4. This is father Antonio, who has been reported by the 19-year-old inmate of the structure for sexual abuse, and the other three workers in Kivotos structures.

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The prosecution is studying them at least 10 complaints which she has in her hands from the Ombudsman and which mostly concern abuse, corporal punishment, forced labor and the isolation of children from school.

According to information already at the end of August, the prosecutor’s office received two consecutive emails from the Ombudsman, without, however, in them there was a direct reference to victims of sexual abuse.

The prosecuting authorities will judge the case step by step and from the evidence that will come to them they will determine their next moves.

So far, however, it appears that it is appropriate for the first witnesses who may add evidence or confirm the complaints to testify.

However, even in the event that there is evidence of other acts that go back to the sphere of sexual abuse, such as for example harassment or domestic violence, the prosecution will study whether they will receive a criminal classification.

It is not excluded that the case files that may have been filed in other cities of Greece where there are structures of Kivotos may be merged with the case file that is currently in the hands of the juvenile prosecutor’s office in Athens.

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