Chania: Migrants disembark at Skala Palaiochora after being rescued – Video


Authorities on foot in Paleochora, Chania – According to secure information, approximately 430 migrants were rescued 15 nautical miles south of the area

The rescue operation in Paleochora, Crete, is completed.

The 25-year-old fishing vessel expected to be docked in tow arrived at Skala of Paleochora, where they will disembark some 430 migrants who were rescued 15 miles south of the area by port authorities.

Perhaps this is the first time that a ship with hundreds of migrants has docked in Crete.

As published earlier in the operation, which took place under adverse weather conditions, the Navy frigate “Kanaris” also participated, while a tanker and two cargo ships were engaged, which were in the spot of the fishing vessel from the first moment and worked as “breakwaters” to protect migrants from the weather.

It is recalled that the broad search and rescue operation under the coordination of the E.K.S.E.D. in the sea area of ​​Paleochora Chania started late last night and more specifically shortly after midnight. Strong southerlies of intensity 7 Beaufort were blowing in the area.

Earlier, the press representative of the Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy, Nikos Alexiou, speaking to 98.4, said that this is a rather difficult rescue operation, as strong southerly winds are blowing in the area, while the strong waves make the work of the Authorities unhappy. The distress signal was given shortly after midnight via 112, for hundreds of refugees crammed into a fishing boat 18 miles south of Chania in the Paleochora sea area. The rescue operation of the Coast Guard under the Ministry of Merchant Shipping began immediately.

At the same time, two Italian fishing boats tried to offer help.

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