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“A contract was their weapon!”: The trial for the shootings with an injured person in Gouves


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Two juvenile boys seen shooting their parents, 38-year-old rancher and his 45-year-old wife – ‘Their contracts were the guns!’

The 38-year-old from Armaha was the accused today in the Court, who was seriously injured in the bloody episode that took place in July 2021, in a tavern in Ano Gouves and refused the apology of the accused.

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The case was tried at the Mixed Jury Court of Heraklion. Two minor boys were seen shooting their parents, the 38-year-old cattle farmer and his 45-year-old wife.

The breeder stated his characteristics and even in an intense tone and many times “I do not accept their apology. I thank the doctors at the hospital where I was treated. By a miracle I am alive and talking to you right now. I ask that they be punished exemplary. They came to kill me in front of my children!” And he added in the same intense tone: “You don’t go shooting in front of children even for the worst murderer!”

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The 38-year-old focused, during his testimony in Court, on the fact that he was sitting with his best man and their families with three small children and they were eating outside the tavern, as the shop was full inside and they were actually eating at a table nearby on the road. He said those involved drove up and down the road in three vehicles, three times, swerving and speeding and then got out of them.

Then, according to him, he got into a fight with one of the two brothers and shots started being fired. As he said: “The first bullet was going to our place, it hit the glass of the store, luckily it didn’t hit the customers who were inside eating, it pierced the glass and fell on the icon of St. Marina!”

He threw some chairs and tried to leave. Then, the second brother fell on him and started shooting at him… “My children were screaming. They were shouting not to kill their parents. My one son even stepped forward to protect me! And he kept shooting inside from the children! They are killers”the breeder emphasized.

He then stated that his wife also fell with her whole body on top of him to protect him and the accused shot two more times. “The bullet that left her hand hit me in the sacrum,” he said.

Earlier, he received two more bullets. In fact, as he said, one hit him, “he made two turns in the lung and it came out in the belly”.

The man, as he said, stayed for 60 days in the hospital and still has not recovered. He also noted that he continues to receive threats from the defendants even on the eve of the trial, even on October 28, with a new incident that unfolded as he said, ahead of the trial.

Regarding the causes that led to this bloody incident, the breeder said that there was no special precedent with the accused. There was a dispute over some grazing land and they had said that at some point both sides would have to see the contracts, but nothing special… At this point he meaningfully stated: “Their contracts were the weapons!”

Meanwhile, during the trial, there was a twist. While during preliminary investigations both the 38-year-old and his 45-year-old wife had claimed that they saw the third person involved, the 33-year-old who was also in prison, being present at the incident and had even testified that he urged the two brothers to “throw the beti” (p. s in the chest), and with these testimonies, the 33-year-old was accused of moral fraud. Today, they told the court they were confused and that the 33-year-old was not present in the incident, causing fierce and persistent questions from the seat!

In fact, it is worth noting that a relevant video – document will be shown and evaluated, which will present the image as it was on the fateful night. “We made a mistake. The 19-year-old was there and not the 33-year-old,” said the victim. So, essentially, what was initially attributed to the 33-year-old, now the rancher and his wife attributed to the 19-year-old who was out of prison all this time.

This development triggered the headquarters’ reaction. The Court appeared to have many questions about the case in this regard, while it was revealed that on Easter after the incident, the 38-year-old farmer and the 33-year-old involved in the case became best men, with the 38-year-old baptizing the latter’s child, a development that will be assessed also,

The wife of the 38-year-old victim, who was also injured on the fatal night, claimed that the defendants they showed no remorse, and emphasized that they are still being threatened while, like her husband, she also said that she was wrong about the 33-year-old. “I hear the 19-year-old’s exhortation to throw us in the beti,” he said characteristically.

It should be noted that the reaction from the defense side was sharp after the revelations and the turnaround in the case…

At the start of the hearing, which began at 9am, the first brother accused of the incident, he apologized profusely and said he saw his brother down, blurted out and shot.

The 33-year-old pointed out that he was not in the incident and was unjustly imprisoned. The third person involved who came forward today, said that he reached the end of the episode and the 19-year-old today involved claimed that he was present but was taken by surprise…

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