Natural pools and wind for kitesurfing make Flecheiras beach an attractive mix

Natural pools and wind for kitesurfing make Flecheiras beach an attractive mix

Low tide that forms natural pools, with warm, clear water, the kind that allow you to closely observe the marine life and architecture at the bottom of the water — it could be Maldives, who knows the Caribbean, but it is Flecheiras, a village located in the municipality of Trairi , 130 km from the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza. Yes, paradise is here.

It is true that every day the sea fills up and the sea dries up. However, in Flecheiras, there are dates when the sea drops enough to form a landscape of crystalline water that enchants anyone, especially those less accustomed to natural beauties so close by.

Also for this reason, it is necessary to remember that, in order to enjoy, there is an obligation to preserve. Entering these waters calls for calm, to carefully observe what is beneath your feet and respect the fauna and biomes that live there.

And bathing in the beauties of nature is also remembering that we are part of it, as the indigenous leader and writer Ailton Krenak remembers: we are all part of nature and our body is the Earth.

Just as the sea teaches, it doesn’t wait either. And not even prepare to receive.

To observe the natural spectacle, it is necessary to plan the trip according to the tide table. She is the one who indicates the sea level for the phenomenon to form and, then, the visitor can enjoy the landscape of Ceará’s Caribbean.

Ideally, the sea level should be below 0.5.

Getting there, however, does not require much effort. Coming by car from Fortaleza, access is via the CE-085, a two-way road. Tourists from outside Ceará can rent a vehicle, hire a transfer, or take a bus from the company Fretcar, which runs a line to Guajiru beach, leaving from the Engenheiro João Thomé Bus Station.

Once there, it’s time to forget about car or even boat rentals. Try walking to Curral do Jonas —currals are a kind of natural aquarium, in the sea—, the first in Flecheiras. It is in front of the Caravelas restaurant (ask any resident, everyone will know how to recommend it).

This is where pool formation begins.

In addition to the water, the good winds also lead to Flecheiras. The only beach on the coast of Ceará located in a bay, it is a favorite destination for kitesurfers. It’s as if the planks and sails had already merged into the landscape.

The horizon is intersected by their shape, which, at the speed of the wind, up to 50 km per hour from June to December, make the “downwind”, the way of sailing in favor of the wind – another great attraction of Flecheiras beach.

In high season, surfers from all over Brazil look for the destination to practice the modality already established outside the country and, more recently, found in national destinations such as Vila Cearense.

Flecheiras is home to Clube da Prancha, a mixture of hostel, restaurant and surf school. From there, athletes take the water to the beaches of Guajiru and Emboaca, where Viva Kite is located, where classes are also offered.

In “surf language”, both are ideal beaches due to the “flat” and closed sea, as well as the average “knots” (or “knots”, in plain Portuguese), which vary between 18 and 25 in that period.

The “kite points” offer kite lessons, equipment for rent, gastronomic options and even live music. The values ​​for those who want to learn the modality reach R$ 2,200 for 10 hours of class. What experts explain is that just one class is not enough to learn all the necessary skills.

But, if the tourist is also an experienced surfer and just wants to learn new techniques, the single lesson costs an average of R$ 250.

And it’s not just the wave or the pool that makes a paradise — in the village, even the sand is impressive. From the top of the Quebra Banco dune, depending on the rainy season, the view reaches the formation of small lakes with rainwater, composing a landscape similar to that of Lençóis Maranhenses.

For the bravest, the adventure is to slide down the sand aboard a piece of wood, sometimes offered by the buggy that transports you there. At the end of the descent, the reward is a delicious dip.

Fisherman’s Inns and Houses

As usually happens with any place outside the main circuit in Brazil, Flecheiras has already had the nickname “untouched” by visitors in other times. With an approximate population of 7,790 inhabitants, the village has actually been a home since the beginning of the 18th century, when the first family arrived there.

Today, its residents live from fishing, subsistence agriculture, crafts, trade and tourist activities.

To stay there is the Zorah Beach hotel (@zorahbeachhotel), with Asian inspiration and a pool with hydromassage. There are 23 accommodations divided into 4 categories: Villa, Family House, Bungalows and Suites. Daily rates range from R$ 1,700 to R$ 6,500 depending on the category and date.

Facing the sea and its natural pools is the Janelas do Mar inn (@janelasdomar), with a bar, full breakfast and suites with different categories. Daily rates start at R$1,100.

At Pousada São Pedro (@saopedroflecheiras), located on the main street, close to the square and shops, the cost-benefit is good, without leaving comfort aside. It has a pool and breakfast included and rates from R$ 250.

A more “roots” experience is to stay in the fishermen’s house, who receive tourists for cheaper prices.

The only risk of the place is not wanting to leave. That’s what happened to real estate agent and businesswoman Giulianna Liuzzi, from São Paulo who, after living in Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, chose Flecheiras to call home.

“I came to spend a weekend here with my husband and left with a rented house and a planned move. I had my son in Flecheiras, started my family and decided to help make this place the best in the world”, she says.

For the mission, he set up Instagram @praiadeflecheiras as a way to encourage tourism in the region and publicize accommodation, places to eat and the much sought after tide table. “I do community-based tourism, contributing to the region’s growth,” he says.

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