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New complaint about the institution for people with disabilities: “Employee burned the hands of an inmate with hot water”


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The conclusion of the National Transparency Authority confirms the family’s claims of a situation of horror and torture, while omissions and irregularities in the operation of the structure were also found

Catapult is the conclusion of the National Transparency Authority for institution of persons with disabilities in Thessaloniki where even an attempt was made to conceal the death of a young foodie.

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The authorities, in an ex officio audit following a complaint, found concealment of deaths, torture, an isolation room and tragic shortages in staff and training of specialized staff.

The revelations began when twenty-year-old Paris died in November 2021 and his family filed a lawsuit with the authorities.

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Olympia Korda, President of the association of parents and guardians of the institution, told ANT1:

“The abuse of Paris by an employee that resulted in the child… We learned about this by accident and reported it.

A second incident, a patient escaped from the institution in Pylaia and was found in Kalamaria barefoot and lost and was found by the police.

In the third incident, an employee, here we are talking about abuse, an employee there because the patient was playing with his penis, took it to demonstrate it and burned his hands with hot water”

Dimitris Golemis, lawyer for the victim’s family, stated that “they tried to cover up the incident and presented it as a hit from another food item, that the inmate allegedly hit Paris with a slipper and they rejected what had happened, that Paris had been hit by an employee of the institution who appears to have been under the influence of alcohol on the night in question.”

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