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Ark of the World: The numbers are staggering, 12.5 million in accounts – About 200 properties from donations


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Deposits amounting to 12.5 million euros in the accounts of the Ark of the World show the first data from the investigations of the Financial Police, while it was also established that the Ark has in its possession close to 200 properties.

At the same time, in the five personal and joint accounts of father Antonios and the elder that were committed there are deposits over 250,000 euros with the authorities looking to see if these amounts are justified by their activities and if they have been declared.

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The Anti-Money Laundering Authority has proceeded early today to freeze the personal accounts of all credit institutions of the country both for Father Antonio, as well as for the elder and also for Father Antonio’s parents, following an order given by the head of the Authority, Honorary Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Charalambos Vourliotis. The freeze was made, according to the same information, in order to control the accounts in question, but also to avoid potential movements, while corporate accounts of Kivotos that have been identified have not been frozen, as any freezing of them would cause problems in its operation.

Financial police raid on houses in Kolonos, Rafina and Vravrona

At the same time, levels of the Anti-Money Laundering Authority have been out since 16:00 and are recording the buildings allegedly belonging to the founder of the Ark, but also to elder Stamatia Georgantis. Specifically, the authorities have put the houses in Colonos, Rafina and Vravrona.

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In particular, the Financial Police carried out a check on a 106 sq.m. maisonette in Rafina, which is in the name of the elder, in order to collect documents and information related to transactions. Searches were also carried out in one of the apartments that father Antonios kept in Colonos where according to information there was a safe. At the same time, the authorities searched for other documents as well as for credit and debit cards.

And new complaints surface

At the same time, complaints about what was happening inside the structures of the Ark and about the behavior of the workers towards the children are increasing.

“Paschalis S. came… because there are people who should be reported, who have actually done it and not only the father is accused. I do not support him in any way. It is simply Paschalis who had imposed this punishment. He is an educator, he is the father’s right hand within the structure. That is, he was also sometimes responsible. He did things he shouldn’t have done. He was giving orders without him being in there. Simply because he was with Father Antonio from a very young age,” says a former inmate of the facility to SKAI.

At the same time, the father of a child who lives in the structure of Chios complained to SKAI that an employee did not hesitate to slap his child even in front of his eyes.

“For two hours I saw the child in a bad state. It falls on me, it didn’t come off at all. It took me two hours to see it. It was crap. With some torn boots, with some torn clothes. And I went and got her clothes. They held it by force. The child was not coming off me. And he also gave him a scabili in the face, in front of me.”

Autopsy and statements from five minor children, of different ages in Volos are also being carried out by the authorities for the green cage which is alleged by witnesses to have been a place where the workers sent the children to punish them while, at the same time, persons mentioned in the complaints are being sought.

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