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Ark of the World: The Prosecutor has the pre-investigative material from the investigations into the structures – The summoning of witnesses is expected


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The material concerns the investigations at the headquarters of the organization in Kolonos and at the accommodation facilities in Athens, Volos, Ioannina, Chios, Kalamata as well as at a house in Kolonos

By Makis Synodinos

In her “hands”. Athens Primary Prosecutor’s Office has been there for a few hours now investigative material which was gathered from the investigations carried out by the financial police in the previous 24 hours.

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According to ELAS, the material concerns the investigations carried out at the headquarters of the organization in Colonos but also in the hospitality structures maintained by the NGO in Athens, Volos, Ioannina, Chios and Kalamata as well as in a house in Column.

Justice now has the floor, which will evaluate the evidence and within the next few days he is expected to call witnesses to testify.

A large amount of money was found in a safe in Colonos

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Earlier, an unknown amount of money kept in a safe was detected by the economic police unit during the control they carried out at the offices of the “Box of the World” in Colonos.

According to information, the amount is large, while the officials of the organization justified it to the police by telling them that it was there in order to cover the current needs of the NGO.

At the same time, once again they made “leaf and feather” the finances of Kivotos, while documents and documents deemed to be serious for the investigation were transferred to GADA for further analysis.

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